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When shopping with So Icy Jewelry you can be certain that what you're buying is 100% authentic. We do not promote any counterfeit products on our website. Our fine jewelry will pass any industry standard testing for gold and diamonds.

Diamond Education
Clarity and Color
Most diamonds contain inclusions. Inclusions are natural birthmarks and considered nature's fingerprints on the diamond. A diamond's clarity is determined under 10 power magnification by a trained eye, taking into account the number, size, type, and location of the inclusions. The fewer the inclusions in a diamond, the more valuable it is.
FL Flawless (extremely rare)
IF Internally Flawless (rare)
VVS1-VVS2 Very, very slightly included. Difficult to spot imperfections under 10 power.
VS1-VS2 Very slightly included. Inclusions visible under 10 power.
SI1 Slight inclusions which do not affect the diamond's durability and are visible under 10 power.
SI2 Slight inclusions which do not affect the diamond's durability. Some inclusions may be visible to the unaided eye.
I1 Inclusions visible to the unaided eye.
I2 Inclusions obvious to the unaided eye.
I3 Inclusions dominate the stone.
A diamond is the only stone in which the absence of color makes the stone more valuable. A colorless diamond acts as a prism to form a rainbow of colors, commonly called "fire". The scale below shows the color range from colorless to a degree of yellow tint. Visible differences between one grade of color and the next grade are very subtle.
Color Chart
Colorless Near Colorless Faint Yellow Very Light Yellow Light Yellow
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About So Icy Jewelry

So Icy Jewelry is the premier source for high end diamond jewelry in the latest trends. Our Showroom is located in Manhattan, NYC.

We have a wide variety of ladies engagement rings and men's diamond rings in 10K, 14k and 18k gold. We have a large selection of diamond earrings for men, ladies hoop earrings, black diamond earrings, gold and diamond crosses and pendants.

Check out our diamond and gold pendants, diamond dog tags, and letter pendants. 

Check out our wide selection of fancy gold chains and necklaces available in Franco Chains, Cuban Chains, Ball Chains all of which are available in Yellow, White and Rose gold, gold Rosary chains, Snake chains, Rope and Bullet chains as well as gold and diamond Shamballa bead bracelets.

Diamond Watches from Icelink, Joe Rodeo, Techno Master, Aqua Master, Richard & Co, Jacob & Co, Rayalty, CZ and Diamond G Shock Watches.

We also carry a great selection of Italian crafted sterling silver Franco Chains and black silver Rosary chains 

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