Ball Chains

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Ball Chains

Up Your Smoothness Quotient with Bead Chains and Ball Necklaces

Ball chains or "bead" chains, as the term suggests, refer to a type of jewelry that is made of tiny spherical beads that are linked together using metal to form a stunning chain-like design. Ball chains, bead chains, and ball necklaces are incredibly popular because they are extremely versatile, strong, durable, and pleasing on the eye. A lot of people prefer adding a subtle pendant to their bead chains and necklaces because it adds an attractive new dimension to the look.

The ultramodern aesthetic can be observed in various types of chains, including necklaces, chains, keychains, ID tags, medical tags, lamp and fan pull chains, and more. The fact that they are meant to be used on a daily basis reflects in the quality of materials used to manufacture them. The metallic beads used on ball chains are really smooth and do not cause any rashes, irritation, redness, inflammation, or itching even if you wear them every day. A ball chain's unique metallic connector clasp makes certain that your chain always remains secured.

The iconic design of a ball chain gives it a distinct charm and appeal that you will not find in any other type of jewelry design. From casual, festive, ethnic, to formal, ball chains can be paired with any kind of outfit and used for any occasion.

At So Icy Jewelry, you will find a versatile selection of 10k gold bead moon cut chains, 10k yellow/white/rose gold ball chains, and several other ball necklace and chain types. All our jewelry is 100% authentic and will pass any industry standard testing.

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