In most parts of the world, the summer season has come to an end and winter is around the corner with grey skies, and freezing temperatures, which tells us only one thing- it’s time to hunt up for winter coats. There is one item of clothing that you cannot scrimp on during the winter season is a good quality winter coat. An outwear can add a real dapper edge to your overall look.

A good quality winter coat depends on two things: why you need it and what style you are looking for. So whether you are looking for a 90’s inspired puff jacket, a sleeker fashion-forward option, or a parka, you’ll find everything here.

In this guide we have rounded up the 10 best winter coats of 2022, taking into consideration factors like warmth, style, comfort, daily wear, and water resistance.

10 best winter coats of 2022

Let’s get started!

1. Parka

Parka jackets were invented by the Caribou Inuit but few of us may associate them with Liam Gallagher. A parka jacket is a hip-length coat having warm fiber and may have a fur-edged hood. There are different types available in it so you can choose a version that suits your personal style. They look great with jeans. If you think of accessorizing then you can add gold nugget earrings for men that will give a fashionable feel.

2. Peacoak

In the 1800s it was specially designed for sailors. It is shorter than other outer coats with a sharp double-breasted design, and large buttons which were originally worn in naval history. Peacoat, the name taken from a Dutch or West Frisian word, is a dedicated outer layer made of warm and heavy wool. It is a perfect daily urban option that will keep things very traditional and you can layer it with your other heavy gauge fisherman’s knit or white top under it for a gallic glow.

3. Duffle coat

Duffle coats are made out of wool, it’s the material that defines the coat name duffel, a plush, thick, warm woolen material. Also having characteristics of hood and toggle buttons, this can be the perfect highlight of your wardrobe. They are the right choice if you want something warm on very cold days. You can wear chinos, jeans and corduroy trousers with a duffle coat. Under the coat, you can fit a classic men’s sweater or other knitwear. You can also have a bunch of 14k gold rope chains over a sweater to make you stand out.

4. Chore coat

A chore coat is one of the first coats designed for work. They are crafted from heavy, denim, or canvas fabric, and their main aim is to keep the workers warm and become the protection shield when performing outdoor work. The chore coat has a boxy shape and a loose fit so it is a perfect layering piece for spring and chilly evenings.

5. Chesterfield coat

Chesterfield coats were developed in the 1800s in England. It is a must-have staple in any gentleman’s wardrobe. It is a fitted coat that has a high-stand collar, wide lapels, and vertical dart seams. The chesterfield coat is knee-length and the collar is mostly made of velvet. It comes in different fabrics like navy, camel hair, charcoal, and tweed. It fits perfectly with a suit or semi-formal dress.

6. Trench coat

Trench coats were first invented during world war 1. Burberry and Aquascutum are the go-to- brands of the coat invention. Earlier the trench coats can be seen in khaki-colored cloth of gabardine twill or poplin, have a double breast with 10 buttons, button pockets, and a belt at the waist. But now trench coats are found paired down and done up in different iterations.

7. Windproof coat

They are the slimmest and most easily packable alternative to puffer jackets. Windproof coats are a favorite staple of outdoor enthusiasts and performance-minded commuters. They are specially designed for wind blocking. Whether you are at the top of chilly mountains in the countryside, walking the dog outside, or generally going out the windproof coat will help you to keep warm and dry. You can add men’s black diamond chains to give a more fashionable feel.

8. Car coat

Car coat comes from the early era of automobiles. They are short coats that end at mid-thigh and are made up of different materials like fur, wool, leather, and sheepskin. It was originally worn by passengers and automobile drivers. But now it is worn both as a functional and fashion item. They are best for people who spend a lot of their time over the winter in the car.

9. Sport coat

The sport coat is the most casual coat which is a relative of the blazer and formal coat. It comes in various types of varieties in different materials, patterns, and colors. Plaids, windowpane, bold herringbone, and houndstooth are typical designs in sports coats. They are usually worn with pants of different colors. This lack of matching pants is the main differentiator between sports coats and suit jackets. Because it is a versatile garments, they are a favorite staple of professionals and artists.

10. Raincoats

Raincoats aim to keep you dry no matter how heavy the rain is outside. No one wants the rain to spoil their entire day. They are generally crafted from waxed cotton canvas. They mostly have large hoods and flaps over their zippers which prevents the rain from reaching out to your base layers.


After reading the above types of winter coats, which ones caught your mind the most? Do let us know in the comment section!

Choosing the right winter coat that suits your needs and budget is challenging because there are so many options available. We hope this guide has helped you out in making the right decision. Take your time, consider all the options available, and look cool while staying warm.

The options which we have shared above will give you plenty of accessorizing options like jewelry which you can match with them and make the right fashion statement.

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