Like fashion trends, jewelry trends also change very fast as the season we are in, but don’t you think it’s actually an amazing thing? This gives us the best opportunity to play around with the trendier fashion and fine jewelry. It helps us to symbolize ourselves in new ways and really elevate our looks. So, we have rounded up 10 jewelry trends that will become a proud piece of your jewelry collection for years to come.

Get ahead in the game of fashion and keep your jewel box up to date with these 10 jewelry trends.

Let’s get started!

1. Rose gold rope chains


Chains are not for an edgy look anymore. Whether they are thin chains or bulky chains, they are making a bold statement piece that you can add to your keepsake collection without any doubt. These 10k rose gold rope chains are sure to be the most favorite piece for those who want to add a touch of gold to their daily ensemble. Composed with 14k solid rose gold, weighing 14.70 grams is a must-have staple in your jewelry box.

2. 14k gold rope chains


Gold jewelry never goes out of style, they will always rule the jewelry space. So keep a lookout for a 14k gold rope chain wherever you go for jewelry shopping next time. Trust us this will definitely set you free and you will be happy to have it in your jewelry box. Check out these 14k yellow gold skinny smooth hollow rope chains. Featuring a metal type of pure gold, a weight of 2.40 grams, and a length of 16-26inches. This design is truly an effortless way to add a heavy dose of pizazz to your everyday look. 

3. 14k gold Rosary chain


14k gold rosary chain is the new trend in men’s jewelry fashion. The amazing finish of the chain that gives your otherwise plain wardrobe a life will remain unmatched. So if you want to add some unique flair to your jewelry box then adding this 14k gold rosary chain to your jewelry collection is the best way to go. The chains feature diamond-cut gold beads and a lobster lock mechanism to ensure the safety of the chain. The product weighs 6.30 grams with a width of 2.8mm. This chain is totally an accompaniment to any outfit. 

4. Unique macrame bead chains


Macrame bead chains are stylish and high-quality chains that ensure the perfect amalgam of luxury and individuality. Classic yet still sophisticated, our amazing collection of macrame bead chains features a wide range of styles and designs and provides a plethora of options to pick out the best macrame bead chain to suit your look. If you are searching for something different and unique then you can opt for a macrame bead chain and can add them to your jewelry collection.

5. Diamond crosses


Let your faith shine brightly with diamond cross pendants. This is the best way to express your religious belief. Today, not only do Christians wear cross pendants, but almost everyone is now wearing it as a fashion statement. The good thing is that it can be worn by all age groups. Whether you are wearing it for its religious beliefs or aesthetic look, you will find the best designs in diamond cross pendants at So Icy Jewelry.

6. Say yes to diamond bands


Men’s band rings are absolutely classic and are another popular trend you can see these days. Diamond band rings for men are one of the most elegant and impressive pieces in the men’s jewelry collection. From a wedding party to any business meeting, to your everyday wear, you can sport a diamond band ring with any attire. Go for this 14k white gold round diamond ring featuring a unique and exquisite design. This jewelry will definitely grab the attention of all the viewers.

7. Go for classic bracelets


Bracelets are the classic statement piece for men’s fashion lovers. A beautiful patterned gold bracelet can add an extra touch of bling to your attire and give an excellent impression at handshakes. Check out this 14k yellow solid diamond cut rope bracelet. This is the simple and the most amazing design to make your wrist shine. Also, our prices are very affordable and the bracelets are the most durable and of premium quality. 

8. Statement gold earrings


Most men are getting an ear pierced. Men’s earrings are not a trend but rather it’s more like an everlasting style statement. For an instant mood booster, there is nothing that can beat men’s earrings. They never run out of fashion, whether it’s a pair of gold stud earrings or a dangling pear. So if you are ready to take a plunge into the world of men’s earrings then check out the latest collection of men’s earrings here

9. Stylish cufflinks


Cufflinks are one of the most formal and elegant accessories in men’s fashion that each man must have in his wardrobe collection. They are the best substitute for your boring plain wrist buttons on your shirt. There are a plethora of styles available so that you can choose your piece according to the occasion. So they are a worthy staple and also signify that they are capable enough to go from day tonight. 

10. Solid gold watches


Gold makes a bold statement often when used to create watches. If done right, gold watches are the perfect statement piece for any occasion. Gold is considered the most iconic fashion for watches. You can check this design of a 14k yellow gold Geneve quartz watch. It is the ultimate piece to have in your keepsake collection because of its intricate features. This watch has all the desirable features of a classic aesthetic. 


Of all the jewelry trends we discussed above, which of the ones is calling your name? Don’t wait, trends do not wait for anyone. So do it ASAP!

Browse our collection of rose gold rope chains, 14k gold rope chains, 14k gold rosary chains, and many more at our website. Add these trends to your jewelry collection and have fun with these statement pieces this year!

Happy shopping!

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