A minimalist wardrobe isn’t about the design or look, it is about the clothing and accessories that give you maximum style and versatility without having to buy a large number of clothing pieces. Having a minimalist wardrobe means that you always know what you want to wear and you can get more outfits from a few pieces of clothes and accessories like 14K gold rope chains. You also don’t waste money on clothing you won’t be wearing and your choice is based on quality and not quantity. Here are nine men’s wardrobe essentials you should consider:

1. The perfect men’s shoes – casual, dress shoes, boots

  • Casual men’s shoes

There are different footwear for different purposes. Casual men’s shoes are ideal for casual outfits. You can wear them on casual Fridays when going to the workplace or you can put them on during the weekends when going on outings. You can choose shoes like sneakers as they are a perfect fit for casual settings. You can have a white pair of sneakers, but these tend to show dirt quickly, so consider choosing neutral colors like brown and blue. A navy suede sneaker also looks great with jeans.  Go for sneakers that can match any outfit and in this case, you can consider thin-soled sneakers and not the chunky ones.

  • Men’s dress shoes

Choosing dress shoes boils down to how dressed-up you want to get. If you infrequently wear a suit, you want shoes that work with your outfit. You may consider double monks as they are stylish and stand out. If you often wear suits, then your first dress shoe needs to be a classic formal shoe. And if you don’t dress up that much, consider buying a casual loafer.

  • Men’s dress boots

When it comes to choosing boots, there are many options. Boots are an essential item for men because they serve a specific purpose. During those rainy days when mud may take a toll on your thin-soled casual or dress shoe, you will be comfortable on boots. The boot you choose by large depends on formality. If you’re the jeans guy, you can choose chukka boots like the blue suede chukkas. If you are looking for something chunkier, you can consider a combat boot design.

2. Versatile trousers and pants

On a man’s wardrobe, you also want easy to match pants as part of the essentials. The options are many, but when it comes to choosing your trousers, you want to ensure that they match with your other clothing and accessories like your 14K gold rope chains. You may choose two pairs of denim of dark color.

Jeans are versatile clothes and you can pair them with different kinds of shirts. Besides jeans, you want to consider having a pair of slacks, probably gray flannel or khakis for a casual look. You can also choose chinos as they are smarter, lightweight, and made in light colors like blue, red, and tan. Since shorts are very casual and they don’t look so good on the majority of body types, you can have one pair of shorts.

3. Collared dress and casual shirts

How many collared shirts do you have? Three, four, five, or what? Well, every man needs to have in their closet no less than seven collared shirts. You can have a collection of dress shirts and button-downs. If you want to be more formal, you can wear a dress shirt. These shirts do not have more than one pocket. They also don’t have epaulets and other decorative features. You may find a solid color dress shirt or a stripe or simply a checked shirt.

When it comes to casual button-downs, they are available in different patterns and styles. You can have one with double pockets and buttons on the chest. A casual button-down may also have roll-tab sleeves – these are sleeves that have a tab to fasten them in place when you roll-up. Casuals also feature epaulets and button-down collars.

4. Non-collared casual shirts

When it comes to non-collared shirts, they include Henleys and t-shirts. These are designed of stretchy knit fabric so make sure that you get the right size that fits your body type. You may want to avoid wearing graphic tees since they tend to be ultra-casual. They are also style for very young men.

When choosing non-collared shirts, you can consider colors such as navy, maroon, navy, white, and dark green. A V-neck can give you that masculine silhouette you want.  Henley’s aren’t so common, but they can make you stand out of the crowd. These shirts feature a buttoned placket within the front part.

5. A perfect jacket

You need to have sports jackets, suits, and blazers. For a formal look, a suite will work best. A suite features a jacket and a trouser designed of the same material. Sports jackets are available in a variety of colors and textured and rugged fabrics. Sports jackets are pretty casual and you can dress them down with jeans. If you want something that is in between a suit and a jacket, you can choose a blazer. Blazers come in darker colors often navy, sometimes with gold buttons. Blazers give you a nautical feel.

6. A classic watch

One of the signature accessories you need to have in your wardrobe is a watch. For men who wear a suit several times a week, they can have a simple dress watch featuring a leather strap and a plain dial. These look quite great with formal outfits and jackets. In hot weather, you can switch the strap for a mesh or simply dress the watch down on your weekends.

7. A stylish belt

A belt is one of the overlooked essentials for men. Often, men don’t buy as many belts as their other clothing. So you want to ensure you get a smart belt that is smooth and shiny. You may consider a belt with a simple tongue buckle as well as a casual belt that is thicker with more matte leather material.

8. A pair of sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses comes in handy when you want to look casual. You can wear them during the weekend when going out or during those sunny days when you are in town. Ensure you get glasses that suit your face shape. Wayfarers and aviators tend to suit nearly every man.

9. Men’s signature gold rope chain

A gold rope chain makes an important man’s signature essential. When you want to showcase your personality, taste, and masculine features, gold chains come in handy. You can wear your gold chain when going out with your lady or when you are out for an intimate date.  A gold chain makes an ideal gift for you. There is no better way you can reward yourself than getting gold rope jewelry. Buy yourself 10k gold rope chains to help spruce up your dressing outfit, especially casual wear.

Have you found yourself ready to dress up for work or other duties but you don’t seem to have what you have in mind in your closet? Sometimes, you find that the clothes and accessories in your wardrobe don’t match your dressing needs. What happens is that you have a heap of clothes that you don’t wear at all and only have a few favorites. This list of must-have men’s wardrobe essentials will make your life easier. You will find yourself dress-up in attires and accessories you always want and which make a statement.

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