Accessorizing is a massive part of dressing for both men and women. You need to be on top of your game, though, if you are to pull off the look. When looking into luxury accessories, the story becomes even different as you need to get the right taste.

Most luxury accessories are pretty expensive, and if you get the wrong one, you will rue it for a long time. It would help if you had a great guide to find the right one regardless of gender. You also need to ensure that the style you pull off is trendy as you don’t want to pull off old styles.

While looking for a complete guide, it doesn’t get better than this guide. You will find all you need to know, and you can pull off luxury fashion accessories and make them work. Follow the guide below to get the right fashion accessories for men and women. 

You Don’t Need To Match

One of the biggest mistakes you can make regarding fashion is to assume you need to match your accessories. Don’t go for the matching idea when you want to pull off a great look. You can match if you’re trying to pull off a conservative look.

But many people don’t want that kind of look as it sends out the wrong types of messages. You need to know which ones go well together when it comes to color. Don’t simply have something because you think it will go well with the next color.

If you have no idea how to go about the color scheme, you are better off leaving some of the accessories at home. You can go for one addition like the 14k gold Franco chains for men and have no other accessories. This will help when you don’t want to exaggerate your casual look. 

Use Jewelry to Style Up

With accessories, you can do a quick costume change without changing the entire outfit you have on. That means you can go from the office straight into happy hour with little fuss at all. You can also use your jewelry to transform your look from an official one to taking your family to dinner.

With jewelry, in most cases, they make for the right casual wear, and you need to know how to pull it off. For example, with men, you can wear your formal clothes and pull out the 14k gold rope chains to bring a casual feel to the outfit. You will not need to go home and change what you have all day.

Women, too, can use jewelry to bring out a different look altogether. For example, a simple chain hanging out on your blouse is enough to change the outfit. You can also use the same idea with a formal dress to make it feel more casual.

If you’re to lose that official blazer for a casual one, you will need to have the right accessories to go with it. You can add a pair of earrings to go with the look or even whip up a cocktail ring as part of the costume swap. But you need to know what you are trying to pull off with any looks.

Color and Patterns

For both men and women, accessories are a way to add more color to your casual look – mostly. The official look usually doesn’t need to have color to it. For example, you can have a belt to match the color of the shoes you have on – this will add more color to your look.

Women have the option of scarves to bring more color to their accessories. Men have the option of pendants to add more color to their casual dress. For example, a 14k gold Jesus pendant will help you bring out even more color to the look you have on.

You can use other ideas of luxury fashion accessories for more color, and patterns should be vibrant and fun. Even if you use shoes to bring the best out of the color and pattern, it needs to brighten your whole look.

Have A Signature Fashion

It would help if you had a signature fashion to appear stylish. For example, one should be dominant if you have more jewelry on. You can have the 14k Franco chains take up the lead role for your jewelry to make it all seem in tone.

The chains are dominant, and you can even add a 14k Jesus pendant to take up all the attention there. This will help take the focus away from other pieces, though they will remain in sight regardless of the dominant. If the other luxury accessories are subtle, the dominant one will shine better off.

A signature fashion will always give you an edge as you’ll know what accessories to have and how to pair them.


Your footwear can also act as a huge part of your luxury fashion accessory. You only need to know how to pick out the right ones for the look. Some people wear their favorite shoes daily to make them look comfortable and stylish with their normal fashion style.

It would be best to have some neutral shoes to help you pull off different looks every time you step out. Your shoes will work as the best part of your accessories if you use them well. For example, they can add color and patterns to the whole idea of your dressing.

One thing about shoes is that you need to ensure they are comfortable as much as fun. And you can also decide to have them match your jewelry for a different and brighter feel. You only need to ensure you only have those matches as anything more can destroy the whole appearance.


If you want to pull off some luxury fashion accessories, you need to know how to go about it. Both men and women have different ways of pulling off these looks, and they bring on a different look. This is just a simple guide on pulling your different accessories with ease.

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