Can you feel a crispness in the air when you step out of your house? The high wind is getting strong. The leaves of the tree have started to turn into all shades of red, yellow, and orange. You will no more feel the sweat whenever you step out.

Fellas, the cold winter season is here!

So as the summer heat transitions into cold spring evenings and icier winter days, it is essential to transition your closet as well. There are many cozy options available that can help you to move flawlessly out of your warm summer attire and which will be a little more comfortable. Therefore today we bring some of the fashion trends for men during this winter season this year.

Five trends in men’s casual fashion for winter

The following prime staples are perfect go-to’s that will help you to stay on-trend for your all casual activities throughout this winter season. Let’s get started!

1. Cardigans for a casual warm look

It’s a perfect 90’s band. A great winter closet icon and an all-rounder piece. To rock this winter, one good-looking cardy is an essential staple to add. For a modern look, you can get something colored in some neutral tones, criss-cross fabrics, and then pair it accordingly with your casual shoes or sneakers. Of all the winter looks, the cardigan is the most timeless style.

If you don’t have one then you must invest in one this fall/winter season. It is the most versatile piece in all knitwear. Because of the collar, you can easily carry your T-shirts, polos, or shirts with it.

Pro tip: You can also accessorize it with a 14k gold rope chain or 10k gold rope chain. When you pair a chain with your cardigan it will look much more appealing.

2. Battle the blow of cold air with Beanies

Whether you are fighting with the chilled cold waves of weather or want to heat your street style, you can easily trust beanies to get the job done right. You must have to rock your head through chilling cold weather with a couple of beanies. A beanie will help to warm your ear with style in breeze winters and is an essential men’s winter fashion trend. If you don’t have the one right now then go and source the one for yourself. Your ears will definitely thank you.

When choosing the one for you we recommend going for a classic cuffed beanie. This style is one of the most common and versatile among every workman, a popular style of hip hop royalty, and championed by almost everyone else in between. This style is the grandaddy.

For the bolder look, you can opt for brighter colors like orange and red.

3. Stay warm with the leather jacket

A smart biker or solid bomber leather jacket in dark brown color or black is a perfect alternative to a long winter coat. The leather jacket is such a solid and stylish piece of clothing that has been on trend many times and will never go out of fashion. So If you are looking for leather’s sturdiness then a bomber style will work best while a solid biker jacket will give a spark to your life with a rebellious attitude and to your go-to cozy weather looks.

If you are looking for versatile pieces then this option of the leather jacket will serve you the best, is easily worn with smart trousers or jeans for any occasion. Pull your leather jacket out from the storage or invest in a new one to keep you warm and classy through the cozy weather months. So it’s a great staple piece for men’s winter fashion trends that you should be aware of.

4. Stock up on winter boots

Are you looking for something solid and also smart? So invest in the right pair of winter boots and they will last for a longer time if you look after them carefully.

Like most of the items in a man’s closet, boots have recorded various victories in the fashion front. They are the best idea not just to keep your feet warm but also to keep them dry and thus make them an essential staple wardrobe accessory.

Cuffed pants and a knit sweater layered with a button-down top will complete that casual yet refined look. You can also team them up with rain stoppers, corduroy, and fleece to give a fully outdoorsy men’s winter trend. Or be badass and use them as a distinctive counterpoint in your next job interview.

5. Wind a warm scarf round

So gentlemen it’s time for your neckwear. Style up your winter look with a scarf around your neck. Adding an eye-catching scarf is a perfect way to give extra style and interest to your casual winter ensemble. Scarfs are very soft and can enhance anything from a Knit sweater to a Shirt in an instant. Although, you can also pair them up with a coat and suit and this will add a fun element to your ensemble with the least effort.

Often men do not like to invest in wearing a scarf as most of them remain unsure about their look with it. If you pair them correctly, trust us they will become your best friends in this winter season as with this useful accessory you can add a splash of color and a great personality to your look.

Take a note: This style is so effortless to pull off. Just remember a few things:

  • Drape the scarf to your shoulder and allow it to hang around your neck.
  • Keep the length of the scarf the same on every side.
  • Move one of the sides of the scarf towards the other.


Just have the right pieces in your winter closet and make your ensemble eye-catching in an instant. We hope this guide has helped you to find the perfect piece for your winter wardrobe collection.

Happy shopping!

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