Have you ever wondered, when people talk about Hip Hop, generally what thoughts come to anyone’s mind? One may think of their favorite rapper, a song, or an album cover, or some may visualize a bold red carpet look where there will be expensive cars, big superstars, and one experience that astonishing feel when that one beat comes on at the club. All of us have an intimate image of hip-hop because it is everything, it is just more than bling, be it music, lifestyle, or culture, and what’s interesting is that it is evolving day by day.

There are four fundamental elements that distinguish hip-hop culture. These are turntablism, rapping, B-boying, and visual art. But we will be adding to this the three more elements that have withstood the passage of time in distinguishing hip-hop culture and identity: silver, gold, and carbon. Jewelry is a part of the hip hop genre and nowadays is the most common among celebrities which symbolizes their status. So, find out more about hip-hop fashion jewelry below!

What is called hip-hop jewelry?

Hip-hop music mostly describes artists’ struggles, lifestyles, emotions, and oppression. The jewelry that they wore symbolizes their power, wealth, and status. It’s not just an aesthetic appeal to them, it has so much value to them. So this inspired others and so became a culture for everyone. The motive of wearing hip-hop jewelry holds the same sentiments of power. It has a long history and always represents a person’s class and excellence. Let’s look at the origin of hip-hop jewelry.

The origin of hip-hop jewelry

Hip-hop culture originated in 1970 and since then jewelry has become the biggest part of its culture. Dj Kool Herz has played a major role in introducing this culture. He used to throw various block parties in his apartment, drawing a lot of attention. As a result, he started blending two songs and created a breakbeat that is still the heart of hip-hop music today.

On the other side, he also wore classic gold rope chains which make him stand out from all. So his look became very famous. Thereafter, Gold chains became popular among all other artists as statement pieces.

Various styles of hip-hop jewelry

There are various styles of hip-hop jewelry available in the form of bracelets, chains, watches, rings, belts, earrings, and many more. Following are some of the different types of hip-hop jewelry:

1. Hip-Hop chain

When it comes to hip-hop jewelry, chains are the must-have staple that you must have in your jewelry box. Hip-hop chains are very popular and unique. These chains are longer than the other traditional chains. They are generally made of box-shaped links that are further connected to a different box design.

There are a wide variety of chains available like 14k gold rope chains, 14k gold ball chains, or 10k gold Miami Cuban link chains. You will find a lot of designs available on our website if you are looking for hip-hop chains.

2. Hip-Hip rings

Rings are very common in men’s jewelry. But with the evolution of hip-hop jewelry designs, if you are looking for a hip-hop ring then it can cost thousands of dollars. This might sound like a huge amount but they are worth every penny. Hip-hop rings also come in different types of stones. We have a huge collection of hip-hop rings at very affordable prices. All of our hip-hop rings use the highest quality materials. We assure every customer of ours in providing the most iconic bling rings ever by giving the best quality.

3. Hip-Hop bracelets

When it comes to accessorizing the hands, it is perfect to pair rings with another piece of jewelry like a bracelet. Having a bracelet on your wrist will not only complete your overall look but will also balance it. Just be careful while pairing a bracelet with your chain or earrings because sometimes the chain of the bracelet looks similar to those on some necklace chains. So you have to ensure that it blends with your outfit perfectly. If you want to pair both of them then make sure that the links fit together. To complete your look you can wear a 14k gold rosary chain with your hip-hop bracelet.

4. Hip-Hop watches

What do influential artists and big celebrities wear? The bulky watches that are covered in diamonds and their chains are not visible. Also, the dial of their watches is covered with precious stones. Many of the hip-hop stars wore two watches at the same time. So it is a must-have essential piece to your hip-hop jewelry collection. We have a huge collection of various hip-hop watches available on our website.

5. Hip-Hop earrings

Earrings are trendy among hip-hop stars. They range from custom rectangular, old circles earrings to square studs. Bamboo hooks, 3D cubes, hook earrings, stud earrings, and spiky studs are some ordinary men’s hip-hop earrings. So Icy provides you with everything from 14k gold to diamond hip-hop earrings. To make a bold statement you can wear a hoop earring in one ear and a button earring in the other.


Today many online stores provide the latest trends in hip hop. With the help of online jewelry stores, you can now easily purchase your favorite jewelry and can enjoy unique discount offers as well. At SO Icy, we will give you a memorable online shopping experience. We provide a large assortment of custom-made jewelry that is prized for its quality, style, and craftsmanship.

So don’t waste your time and explore our collection of exquisite jewelry pieces on our website today that are adorned by rappers and their fans today!

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