Looking for a gold chain that is equal parts gorgeous and strong? Well, unfortunately in a lot of cases, the most shiny and ornate chains are also the weakest. However, that is not necessarily true for all gold chains. Let us explore what differentiates the strong chains from their weaker counterparts and how you can ensure you make the right choice while selecting one for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

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Before we discuss the different types and designs for men and women, it is first important to understand the basics of gold chains. And it all begins with the primary material used for making the chain – the purity of the gold!

Understanding Gold Purity and How It Defines the Strength of a Chain

Generally measured in karats and denoted by the letter “k,” gold purity is a fascinating concept that not many people who buy jewelry know about. Let us dive into the different karat ratings and how they determine the purity of gold.

  1. 24k – The purest form of gold is 24k gold. 24k gold chains are made from pure gold and while this may seem like the most alluring option, it is definitely not the best in terms of strength, stability, and long-term usage. Wondering why? Well, that is because pure gold is very soft and easily malleable, which means it is prone to damage, dents, and scratches. It is also susceptible to losing its given shape if exposed to excessive pressure. This makes 24k gold chains for men unsuitable for daily use or everyday wear.
  2. 18k – Welcome to the world of gold alloys! 18k gold refers to an alloy that is made up of 75% pure gold. The remaining 25% is a combination of two or more other metals which are used to increase the jewelry’s durability and robustness. When it comes to allure and strength, 18k gold chains are a good choice but they are also premium in terms of their price tag.
  3. 14k – A notch below 18k gold and a couple of notches above 10k gold lies that perfect midpoint that we call 14k gold. With 58.3% pure gold, 14k gold is almost as visually stunning as pure gold and as strong as its constituting alloys (41.7%). Sturdy, solid, robust, durable, and highly resistant to natural wear and tear, 14k gold chains are the top choice for everyday wear. Our 14k gold Jesus pendant makes for the perfect addition to your 14k gold chain. You can check it out here.
  4. 10k – 10k gold jewelry is the most resistant to wear and tear but that is primarily because its composition has a lesser amount of gold (only 41.7%). The upside is that 10k gold jewelry is the most affordable and ideal for everyday usage. To match your 10k gold chain, you can also pick a beautiful 10k gold Jesus pendant.

Assessing Durability Based On Gold Chain Types and Styles

  • Rope chains

A rope chain typically features several intertwined links that form a rope-like pattern. This type of gold chains is among the most popular jewelry accessories because it looks luxurious, is affordable, and highly durable.

  • Box type chains

With squarish boxes that are linked together securely, box chains are quite robust and durable. They are also a great choice if you want to add a pendant and complete the look.

  • Cable chains

Gold cable chains are made up of interlocked links that are generally oval in shape. Again, this type of chains is strong and can support the addition of a pendant, too.

  • Curb chains

With flat and twisting links, curb chains look really appealing because they lie flat on your skin. This type of chains is preferred by men because they are comfortable to wear, less susceptible to kinking or chipping.

  • Ball chains

Ball or bead chains are made up of spherical beads linked together. These chains are incredibly versatile, robust, and aesthetically pleasing, making them a top choice for everyday wear.

Which Are the Weakest Types of Chains in the Market?

Hollow chains, thin link chains, or those that use very little metal, are extremely weak and susceptible to breaking and denting. While they might seem like the most affordable option on the market, they are definitely not the best in terms of strength. Such chains do not support heavy pendants and are prone to breakage, making them a bad choice for everyday wear.

Elaborate designs or decorative chains that are extremely delicate are also not ideal in terms of strength and durability. They tend to easily latch on to clothing or other fabrics and can also break quite easily.

It is best to steer clear of gold chains that feature delicate clasps because clasp quality is essential when thinking about your chain’s strength and durability. A high-quality clasp is important because it basically ensures that your prized gold chain stays secure at all times while you are wearing it.

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