Do you know that wearing plain clothes without any fashionable supplements is an outdated thing? Well, that is a thing of the past. You need to give your wardrobe an elegant look by arming it with the most recent outfits. It would be best if you arm yourself with stylish fashions such as 10k gold franco chains.

Make your 2020 a memorable year by visiting So Icy Jewelry; they have catered for all your wardrobe needs. Some of the items you will find there are stylish chains such as 10 gold box chains. In this article, you are going to get tips on how to look more stylish than you really are.

Wear a Pendant

If you want to look more stylish than most of your peers, just try a pendant. In most cases, you will find that people wear a necklace only. They are not aware of the existence of jewelry that can make the necklace look more attractive. If you are one of those people, get yourself a pendant. A pendant is hanged on other jewelry like necklaces, which means you cannot wear it alone.

You also need to note that there are pendants for both men and women. Don’t make the mistake of wearing a pendant for ladies and you are a man. So Icy Jewelry has all these ornaments. They have diamonds, silver, and gold pendants for ladies. When it comes to men, they have 10k gold pendants, 14k gold pendants, silver, and diamond pendants. Make yourself look more stylish by trying one of these pendants.

You need a ring on your finger

Well, many people think that a ring is for a married couple, and also those who aspire to get married. If you feel so, then you are wrong. Rings have a special function of making you look more stylish. You just need to have one that is your best fit.

So Icy Jewelry offers rings for both men and women. Some of these rings include diamond fashion rings, gold only rings, and engagement rings. This tells you that there are different rings meant for different occasions. If you want to look more stylish during your wedding day, then go for an engagement ring. On the other hand, if you want to enhance your style in normal life, you can choose to buy gold only rings.

Enhance your style by wearing earrings

Years are some of the physical organs that are eye-catching. Everybody you come across must have a look at your years. If you want your ears to look more appealing, consider wearing earrings. You only need to know what the best fit is for your years. You must admit the fact that different people have different years. As a result, not every earring will make you look more stylish.

There are earrings for both men and women. Nowadays, men have come of age, and they have realized the importance of wearing earrings. It is not like in the past, where earrings were meant for women only. That is why So Icy Jewelry offers a variety of earrings for both women and men. Some of these that you will find there include silver CZ earrings and gold only earrings.

Your neck needs a chain or a necklace

Your outfit cannot be considered to be complete without a chain/ necklace. They are more stylish than you could imagine, especially when worn with the right clothes. You will realize that a necklace can make you look more fashionable when worn with a t-shirt. This is not like in the case when it is worn with a hood. A hood will only cover it, and it will not be visible. The visibility of jewelry is the one that makes it stylish.

Also, there are specific necklaces for both men and women. Make sure you don’t confuse the two by wearing a necklace for the opposite gender. Doing so is very embarrassing. For this reason, So Icy Jewelry clearly specifies the chains for both men and women. At their disposal, you will find 10k gold franco chains, and also 10k gold box chains.

Wear Bracelets

Your wrists need bracelets to make them look stylish. Well, you will not look like a thug after wearing bracelets. That is an outdated mindset. There are customized bracelets that will best serve you, depending on the type of work you do. You should note that there are formal bracelets, mostly worn when you are on official duties.

Other bracelets are not formal. They best serve different types of jobs, like manual jobs. In other words, they are not official. It is good to know that your employer might be against some bracelets. Therefore, buy a customized bracelet that is compatible with your work. Your best destination for this is So Icy Jewelry.

Get yourself a stylish watch

Some people say a watch can make you look more respectable. Well, it could be true. After you have armed yourself with a suit, chain necklaces, or any other stylish accessories, make sure you complete the style with a watch. Remember, it is not just a watch; the watch you choose must be outstanding for it to make you look more stylish.

There are different categories of watches that you will find in the market. The ‘size’ of your pocket will determine which one to own. For gender purposes, So Icy Jewelry has both watches for men and women. You can place an order and be guaranteed of high quality.

Bottom line

The article has discussed different ways to make you look more stylish. The first thing to determining which beauty accessories to purchase is to know your taste. After you have discovered your taste, you can consider what your occupation entails. For example, we have seen that some professions require specific types of chains and bracelets.

Always order a customized accessory that will serve you better. Also, avoid wasting money by buying every beauty accessory you come across. After all, you will keep it in your wardrobe since it is not what you had planned to buy. The primary purpose of purchasing any jewelry is to make you look more stylish. Planning what to buy is very crucial. You can order all these beauty accessories from So icy jewelry.

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