You have all seen them on celebrities, mostly those who are in the music industry, and specifically on those who are in the rap genre. So guess what we are talking about? Yes, it’s hoodies and chains. If you are one of those who want to do something similar, then you are at the right place.

Men’s hoodies are a little boring. They are definitely cozy and perfect for lazy Sundays but that doesn’t mean it has to be a boring outfit. So let’s inject some life into this simple staple, try wearing them with chains. Get ready to take your hoodie game from drab to fab with us in no time at all. Go on reading to see how you can wear a chain with a hoodie so that it does not look boring.

If you rap with a 14k gold rope chain or a classic Cuban chain, just ensure that you must style your hoodie with our following guide and tips.

So without wasting any time, let’s get into it!

1. Zipper or a pullover-styles hoodie

How you will style your chain will only depend on what type of hoodie you are repping, like whether it’s opened or closed. Your chain has a lot to do with the type of hoodie you will wear. If you want to make your chain visible then it has to be worn on the top so that people can see it and admire its beauty. A pullover hoodie is the most versatile as it gives more room for the chain to stand out.

A zipper hoodie can give you many options, even if you want to wear a chain underneath. Also, you need to check whether your chain will look good with the metal zipper.  A word of advice from us to you is that you can use a pendant with a chain so that the chain stands out. You cannot go wrong with a 14k gold Jesus pendant over a zipper.

2. Choose your chain type

Let’s discuss what type of chain necklace you should wear. So first think about the style that you think will look best on you. For example, a rope chain has a resemblance to a rope that has crazy twists and looks classic. If you want to go for something modern, a franco chain features V links. A curb chain has flat links and complements every aesthetic appeal while Cuban link chains give a cable-like appearance and make a bold statement. Tennis chains have little diamonds so if you are looking for some iced-out look, this will give you that shiny appearance.

So there are various styles from which you can choose so do not settle for less until you find that one perfect piece that you have been searching for.

3. Choose the appropriate length of chain

After selecting the type of chain, you have to now pay attention to the length of the chain. Getting the right chain length is one of the most difficult things. To make your style unique and to make some impact, the chain length has to be right. The chain length will be depending upon the look that you are aiming for.

16-18-24 inches chains are the ones that sit just below your neck, so they are not appropriate for a hoodie.

A 26-inch chain for a hoodie is a perfect size. So while wearing a hoodie try to go with a 26-inch chain.

4. Single chain vs multiple types of chain

If you have decided on the length of your chain, the other big step is to go for single or add multiple. A bulkier regular-sized chain like a 10k gold rope chain is adequate to give a bold statement. You can choose to contrast with the color of your hoodie. You can pair your gold chain over your white hoodie and a silver chain over the black one so that your chains can stand out the best.

If you have a chain that is of a bigger length, it will be effective if you can pair it with your thin chains. The thinner the chain, the shorter it should be. The thicker the chain, the longer you should wear them. Multiple thinner chains really look powerful if you pair them with a pendant. Try to mix and match chains of various lengths and thicknesses.

Tips to wear a chain with a hoodie

  • If you are choosing to wear a chain as an accessory, do not wear too many other accessories.
  • Always clean your chain with a cloth or toothbrush to prevent it from tarnishing.
  • Do not wear multiple heavy chains at once.
  • Avoid wearing a chain if there are too many zippers in the front of a hoodie.
  • Choose the length of the chain properly and keep in mind that they stay away from your neck.
  • You can also wear your chain as a bracelet for styling while wearing your hoodie. You can pull your sleeves up so that they can be visible.
  • Gold chains will look great against earth-tone clothing and silver chains will look best with bright clothing items.
  • Another way to wear a chain with a hoodie is wearing a chain as a belt. It is very trendy right now and people who want to take risks with their styles can go for it.


Wearing a chain with a hoodie is very easy to pull off if you know how to do it in the right way. If you are comfortable with what you are wearing, then no matter what, go ahead. Wear it with confidence as long as you want it to be seen as a form of self-expression rather than just another trend that you are following.

All in all, have fun with whatever you are wearing.

See you guys in the next post. Happy reading!

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