For the fashionistas, there are many trends going on but others may be disappearing. However, that doesn’t mean you have to throw away your fashion wardrobe pieces. You may need them every so often to help complement your favorite clothing and accessories. In addition to the white gold rope chain, there are many other fashion clothes and essentials that will continue to hit. That being said, you may want to know what men’s fashion attires and essentials will be trending in 2021 and what perhaps may be going out of fashion. 

Let’s start with the outs before we look at the ins in the fashion world.

Outs – Sunglasses and tie-dye prints

Small sunglasses may show a slowdown in 2021 after domineering in 2019. These small and tidy sunglasses were the hot item two years ago but they have started running their course. Instead, people are now going for bigger glasses. So the little wired sunglasses are going to fade away in 2021, so ensure that you brace up for the new trend of getting bigger in sunglasses.

Another item that you may see disappear from the spotlight is the tie-dye clothes. The tie-dye is considered a print that may never completely vanish or get out of style, however, in 2021 it may take the backseat and probably a couple more years. Although the 1970’s tie-dye prints have been a hit in the fashion industry, it’s not too long before you see those clothes piled in wardrobes without people wearing them.

The Ins

 While the fashion industry experienced difficulties as clothing retailers and fashion houses faced shutdowns, the setback did not retard the growth of fashion and clothing trends. Leather did pretty big besides streetwear. There was even the birth of comfortable, athleisure clothing collections in many homes. Some of the fashion trends you will continue to see in 2021 are:

The 1970’s style

 After re-emerging on the scenes, the 1970’s style is picking up with no signs of slowing down. You may have seen celebrities Tyler, the Creator showing the style with many fashion houses including Gucci embodying the style. It may be time you introduce the style into your wardrobe. 

Athleisure wear

 It may have started unintentionally because of quarantine, however, many people seem to love athleisure clothing. These clothes are a fashion trend and they include apparel for workouts and athletic activities. However, they are not just limited to gym environments or exercises, you can wear them at casual social events or even at the workplace. With many people working from home during this time of the pandemic, dressing comfortably and putting on athleisure seems to be a new norm. You can see people wearing them in Zoom meetings and other video meetings.


Floral prints have been around for some time from casual wear to formal dresses and swimwear, you will find floral prints a big hit. Besides, you will see people wearing full floral outfits during warmer seasons. These clothes will also feature in menswear collections this year.

Open-toed shoes

You probably know the Birkenstocks sandals. They may have disappeared from the spotlight, however, in 2020, they seem to have come back in fashion again. These sandals are becoming popular among menswear and you are likely to see many people including fashion-forward individuals incorporate them in their wardrobe staples. 

Bermuda shorts

Shorts are a great addition to your wardrobe collection, and although many people don’t wear shorts due to their body type, these clothing pieces are becoming popular. They are touted to be a major representation of fashion clothing during summer and the other months of 2021. The shorts are considered to be the start of the fashion season. The Bermuda shorts pair greatly with some open-toed shoes or sandals. When picking a pair of Bermuda shorts, ensure that they fit just above the knees. Accessorizing your Bermuda short clothing with 10k gold chains allows you to bring out a statement on your dressing.

Crossbody bags

A crossbody purse style consists of one long strap crossing over the body with the bag resting at the front part of the waist. These bags are an important accessory for both women and men. Their design made them be used in transporting mail as well as other goods meant for delivery by messengers. However, today, crossbody bags are the go-to-bags for men and women. Not only are they convenient for holding daily carry on-the-go items, but they are also reigning supreme within the fashion industry. No wonder many fashion influencers love the bags.

Chunky boots

It may have been seen unusual to have chunky dad shoes, however, when they landed, people started loving them. Today, Chelsea boots are common in families and although people still have the same chunky feelings for the boots, they are still fashionable. They may not be the comfiest of shoes to walk around in, however, they look pretty good. You may want to try them out this time if you haven’t. 

Gold rope chains

People love chains, there is no denying it. The reason is that the structure of the chains is simple and classic, yet beautiful. Cute or punk, chains, especially those featuring some diamonds are a great addition to your fashion clothing and accessories.  They make an ideal signature essential for your wardrobe collection. You may want to invest in a shiny chain, not just a plain one, but a beautiful link in silver or gold.  You can choose 14k gold chains for your casual wear or even formal wear. And you can match your gold chains with other accessories such as a watch and a shiny belt.

Fashion trends are taking a new path in 2021 with some new trends coming in whilst some existing fashion trends continue being a hit. There is just so much happening in the fashion industry and these are just a few of the trends you may see fade away or shine in the fashion world.

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