It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. And Christmas calls for decorations, celebrations, never-ending dinners, family get-togethers, catching up with friends, woolens, sweets, and yes, gifts!

The holiday gifting season is here. Like every year, we have made a tentative list in our minds of what to gift our parents, family, and close friends. The only mindset is to give something that is precious and has some sentimental value to the receiver of the gift. 

While hunting for the perfect gift, you scan all websites and visit every store. However, it won’t be surprising that even after all the shopping, the ones left on your list are your father, husband, son, or another male relative or friend. Finding Christmas gifts for men, the ones they will truly appreciate, can be really tricky.

Jewelry stores may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of gift shopping for men, but they can be a treasure trove of possibilities!

Men’s jewelry is often overlooked when it comes to gifting. But we need to start looking beyond watches, gadgets, and perfumes. Some great jewelry options are men’s black diamond chains, gold bracelets, studs, etc. If styled right, it can elevate the simplest of looks. With times changing, more and more fashion houses and boutique brands are offering wearable glitz for the modern urban man.

This holiday season, let’s embrace festive traditions by putting a twinkle in the eyes of our beloved men!

Tips before you pick a piece of jewelry for him:

  1. How does he dress? Is he a banker or biker who could wear a diamond stud earring but not a giant ring that could impair him or someone nearby? Is he a machine guy or science teacher who might enjoy a technically fascinating timepiece? If he’s a law student, would he dress in a shirt and tie with cufflinks?
  2. Notice any jewelry his buddies, father, and brother wear. This will hint at what type of jewelry he might be comfortable wearing.
  3. Drop hints. “Isn’t that a cool ring?” Gauge his reaction and start a conversation about men’s jewelry, but don’t make it evident that you are looking for gift ideas.

Men’s jewelry items that you can choose to gift someone this Christmas

1. Bracelets

Available in many styles and materials, including metal and high-grade leather, choose designs with a substantial, masculine look. Otherwise, you will be making a return visit to the jewelry store.

2. Cufflinks

These come in various styles, some with precious gemstones, and are suitable for men who like to make an impression at work.

3. Tie Bars

Tie bars work like tiny clothespins to keep the tie attached to the shirt. As with cufflinks, they signal someone looking to get ahead in a professional environment.

4. Rings

Although many guys have never worn jewelry other than a classic ring or wedding band, some are open to considering bold men’s rings. Popular metals range from white and yellow gold to more unusual choices, such as titanium and tungsten. Such rings for men look attractive and have a story to tell because of the unique material. Some rings also come with a gemstone (diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, and smoky quartz) famous for men, as are black onyx, green malachite, and blue lapis lazuli).

5. Diamond Earrings/Studs

Whether your special guy wears one or two, the holidays are an excellent time to expand his wardrobe of ear jewelry. You don’t even have to worry about the size as these can be readily available in any size you need. 

6. Engraved Jewelry

Your man might like the cute, thoughtful stuff, too. Consider having your guy’s name or one of his favorite sayings engraved on a cuff bracelet, ring, or pendant.

7. Rope Jewelry

It is considered one of the most popular masculine styles in all types of jewelry, usually in gold and sterling silver. Nowadays, rope jewelry is worn chiefly as white gold rope chains and rose gold rope chains apart from the standard yellow gold.

8. Pendants

Not just for women, pendants that hang from neck chains come in many styles suitable for men, too. The most popular themes include:

  1. Sports, religion (cross, prayer box, blessing box)
  2. Military (all branches of the Armed Services) 
  3. Medical (symbols for doctors and nurses, medical alert emblem)

9. Sports-themed Jewelry

Various sports are represented on watch dials and pendants, including football, baseball, basketball, soccer, auto racing, bowling, boxing, golf, running, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, and weightlifting. So gift your man or your buddy something that he will cherish based on the sport he loves to watch or play!

10. Jewelry Valet

Most jewelry storage boxes are wood with velvet, or at times they have satin-lined interiors to protect watches, men’s bracelets, neck chains, and tie bars. When you give something valuable, it is essential to store it well so it lasts longer. After all, men are known to be clumsy with their possessions!  

So Icy Jewelry‘s products are 100% authentic. The brand offers contemporary, unique designer jewelry for men. From precious metals to birthstones in rings and diamond earrings, from classy cufflinks and bracelets to fun hip-hop-inspired jewelry, So Icy Jewelry has got you covered this Christmas and beyond. Happy holidays!

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