A great outfit. Check

Stylish shoes. Check

But does something still feel missing?

It is the accessories.

As Janna Beatty, the world’s first image consultant puts it, while the clothes create the canvas, it is the accessories that create real art!

And, it’s not just women, quite a bit of accessories are being designed for men.

There is nothing new about men adorning jewelry. Since Egyptian times, they have adorned rings, bracelets, earrings, and piercings.

After vanishing from the fashion scene for a few decades, it is making a bold comeback.

So, if you want to create a unique style statement with accessories and jewelry such as 14k gold Franco chains, rings, and earrings, this blog will guide you about how to ace your style.

How Are Men Accessorizing in 2023?

Gone are the days when jewelry was just for women. More and more men are realizing how accessories and jewelry can transform their appearance.

The key to choosing accessories is that they should feel comfortable. Only then, can you carry them with style and confidence.

With that out of the way, let’s look at some essentials to add to your wardrobe this season:


Nothing adds more personality to your outfit than a bracelet. This classic yet underrated accessory spells timeless style and sophisticated charm.


The latest men’s jewelry trends show men sporting various styles of bracelets to match their office or evening wear.

Some of the top bracelet styles include those made in:

  • Leather
  • Beads
  • Metal
  • Woven threads.

Neutral color bracelets go well with both formal and casual outfits. Just ensure that the bracelet that you choose fits you well. There is nothing attractive about bracelets that are too tight or the ones that keep sliding off your wrist.

Statement rings

This classic piece of men’s jewelry has been worn for the longest time. Whether you want to add a bit of flair to your outfit for an occasion or are looking to accessorize every day, you should move beyond the wedding ring.


The center stage has been taken by statement rings.

Eye-catching and quirky, they are sure to make an amazing impression. You can choose chunky ring bands or ones studded with oversized stones.

Another superb way to elevate your style is by wearing them uniquely. For instance, instead of your ring finger, the next time you go out, wear your statement ring on your thumb or middle finger.

Tie Clips

Tie clips are a favorite over the board. They are not just practical but also make your formal outfits look extremely classy. Tie bars hold your tie in one place so that it looks neat and well-kept.


Tie clips have been around since the 60s. Wearing one in 2023 exudes the same vintage charm. A slim metallic tie clip with sleek and clean lines is the safest bet to uplift any formal outfit.

If you want to go bold, get it customized with a logo or a crest to effortlessly add some shine to your outfit.


Chains have always been a part of men’s jewelry selections. But it was the 1980s when everyone started noticing and customizing them.


Chains represent a strong character combined with a classy elegance. And, the best part is that chains are available in infinite combinations such as 14k gold Cuban chains or 14k gold Franco chains.

14k gold Franco chains are gold chain link necklaces inspired by Cuban chains. They are sturdy, thick, and have a signature ‘V’ design. These Franco chains and 14k gold Cuban chains are available in varying lengths and thicknesses.

They are both great to pair with pendants or on their own.


The best way to personalize your neck chain is to combine it with a stylish pendant.

Pendants have seen a comeback and are no longer worn on special occasions. In the past, they have been simpler with clean designs, but now we are seeing a rise in customized eclectic pendants in varying colors and textures.


You can either opt for the popular style of pendants studded with gemstones. Or if you want to show your quirky side, opt for streetwear style options such as a 14k gold Jesus pendant. They look artisanal and earthy and grab attention wherever you go.

How to create a no-fail style statement with accessories and jewelry?

Now that you know the jewelry options trending this year, let’s get to know how you can make an unbeatable style statement with them.

Rule 1: Think about the occasion. The occasion and the time of the day will dictate which jewelry would work best. For instance, formal occasions demand minimalistic jewelry.

Rule 2: Don’t follow trends blindly and develop your style. Be as creative as you can be. Layer, mix, and match different textures, and combine colors.

Rule 3: Always match your accessories and jewelry to your outfit. Statement rings and chains go well with a denim and T-shirt look. Simple ring bands and sleek bracelets are best paired with daytime formal outfits.

Rule 4: Your look, which includes your accessories and outfit, must be balanced. One element must never overpower the other. For instance, if you stack too many neck chains together, that’s where the focus will go instead of your outfit and shoes.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are new to wearing jewelry or have been accessorizing yourself and want to update your style with chic options such as a 14k gold Jesus pendant or 14k gold Franco chains, these tips will surely help you out.

Adding new accessories to your wardrobe spices up things and takes the boredom out of your everyday look. So, go ahead and experiment with these latest in-season options. At SO ICY JEWELRY, you can browse all that you need to effortlessly style your everyday look. All our pieces are crafted with exquisite detailing and finesse to complement different personalities. With us, you can never miss what is trending around the world.

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