Men’s jewelry styling needs as much attention as women’s. The best way to begin is with base jewelry like chains and necklaces that complement men’s outfits, personal style statements, and more.

So, if you’re one of those men looking forward to starting jewelry styling with a gold chain, this is the ultimate guide to help you begin.

Different Types Of Gold Chain For Men

Here are different types of gold chains for men from which you can choose :

  • Rope Chain: This type of gold chain resembles a twisted rope. It is visually stunning and highly long-lasting, even with frequent or consistent wear. Make sure to check out the14k gold rope chain, which is suitable for an elegant look and everyday wear.

  • Cuban Chain: These chains are crafted with thick interlocking links, which gives them a more bold and masculine look.

  • Box Chain: You will find these chains to consist of square or box-shaped links connected to each other, creating a modern, contemporary, and sleek look.

  • Figaro Chain: These chains feature two to three circular links with a larger oval link as a continuous pattern, giving it a much more classic feel.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Perfect Gold Chain For Men

Think Of Personal Styling You Want To Go With

Before you choose a gold chain, consider your personal styling and the look or vibe you want to achieve. You want a chain that complements your styling statement or sensibility. You can also consider men’s diamond chain alternatives to gold chains as well.

Deciding The Men’s Gold Chain Width

If you’re new to wearing a gold chain, the best is to start with a 2-6 mm width gold chain. These are also great for achieving a more subtle everyday look. 

For example, we’ve 14k Gold Miami chains. Select the one with a width of 2mm, and that could be the perfect fit. 

Or, if you just want to style your outfits with a thicker chain or want your chain to hold pendants safely, go with a 6-10 mm thickness.

Again, we’ve got a wide range of rose gold, white gold, and other segment men’s chains with thicknesses up to 15mm.

Just remember, anything higher than 10mm in width can be used as a bold style statement.

Consider the Neckline Of Your Outfits

You also have to consider the neckline of your usual top wear, such as shirts or T-shirts, whether the chain will be visible or not, and how it will complement your V-shape t-shirts or crew neck. 

It also depends upon whether you want to make a statement with your chains or keep it reserved.

You can go with our 14k gold Franco chains that have shorter lengths to make them visible above the neckline. 

Determining Quality Of Men’s Gold Chain

When choosing the perfect gold chain, you need to examine its quality. And to assess that, here are a few deciding factors:


High-quality gold chains always have substantial weight as compared to sub-standard flimsy and lightweight gold chains.


24 Karats is pure gold. So, you need to measure the purity of the gold chain you’re getting. It must have Karat tags, where 10k, 14k, and 18k are overall purer quality options.

You can choose 14k gold Cuban chains or rope chains, which are highly pure but not too expensive. 


Before making the purchase, always check for hallmarks, stamps, or other marks from its manufacturer that indicate its authenticity. Such hallmarks include details like karat, country of origin, manufacturer’s credentials, etc.


Check the chain clasp. It must be sturdy and shut tight so the chain remains in place.


You need to assess the chain’s finish. It must have a smooth and polished surface without any imperfections, defects, or visible flaws. 

Learn more about the gold chain’s quality and length.

Read more:  How To Measure The Quality & Length Of Gold Chains.

Simple Ways To Style Gold Chain For Men

As soon as you get hands-on with any 14k gold rosary chains, Cuban or Franco, you would like to style it in the best way possible. To make the most of it, here are some simple ways to do so:

  • Day-to-Day Use: Gold chains are a staple piece of jewelry that goes with your everyday outfit, whether you’re wearing a T-shirt and jeans or a hoodie with joggers. They are a great way to add jewelry to casual and convenient styling.
  • Business/Professional Attire:  If you want to prevent repetition in your workplace styling without losing sophistication and subtleness, add a less-width gold chain to your business or professional attire.
  • Dates:  Gold chains for men can also be a great addition to special occasions like date nights, anniversaries, romantic getaways and others to give a more personalized touch.

Commonly Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between Gold-Plated Chains and Solid Gold Chains?

Gold-plated chains only have a thin layer of gold over a metal base, whereas solid gold chains are made purely of gold. Obviously, gold-plated chains are affordable but not very durable, and hence, they require re-plating of gold once in a while. On the other hand, solid gold chains are expensive but durable and have resale value.

What Is The Best Men’s Gold Chain Length?

The best men’s gold chain length that will be flattering for most men is 20 inches, which usually falls at the collarbone right above the first button of the shirt.

What Are Some Common Men’s Gold Chain Lengths?

While women’s necklaces and chain lengths are available in a wider range, men’s gold chain lengths are limited to a few available lengths, such as 18 inches, 20 inches, 22 inches, and 24 inches. Find the best length for yourself!

What Are The Most Popular Type of Men’s Gold Chain?

The most popular types of men’s gold chains are rope, wheat, box, fiagro, and curb.

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