Women have certain expectations from every man. They have the list of qualities set on her mind that she looks for in every man. Even if they do not admit it, every woman will judge a man on some particular thing. From his shoes to his good humor, women notice it all. 

So to save your time and one heck of a headache, here in this article we’ll be sharing some styling qualities and tips that most women look for in every man. Let’s get into it!

8 styling qualities and tips that women look for in every man 

Read carefully boys because some of these can also surprise you. 

1. A good sense of humor

You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to grab a woman’s attention, just a little quality of goof off and a good sense of humor takes a woman’s heart. A man who makes a woman laugh when required is something that every woman looks for in a man. So a man who exudes good vibes, happiness, little joy into the world will definitely make a woman be around him. 

2. A fitted suit

We know the motive of wearing a suit – it’s a set of clothing that intends high standards in any business, casual or formal setting. In today’s time, suits are not just for weddings or first dates. Nowadays, women love them when worn properly.  

Every woman likes it when a man dresses appropriately on any special occasion. Wearing a suit reflects that you are putting special effort and trying to look your best for any event. Hey fellas, you can trust us on this, every woman acknowledges a thoughtful man who goes above and beyond. 

A quick tip: Whenever you are wearing a suit, it should be right fitted. Wearing a suit can make you appear in a trimmed waist, broader shoulder, and larger hands which will help to promote the intuitive fascination women have for a classic V-shaped body type. 

3. A pleasant scent

A signature scent is one of the number one factors for the woman while choosing her life partner. We can bet you, a pleasant fragrance is at the topmost thing on women’s list. Some women consider the fragrance of your scent more important than your look. So what can you imagine from this? Very simple, do not misjudge a woman’s sense of smell. It’s the prime thing that she thinks more than you think.

With this, you can keep this in your knowledge that your goal should be to find a perfect fragrance for your personality. Try different samples and get the best one for you.

4. A good accessory

Oftentimes, men stick to basic and simple styling when it comes to getting dressed. But let us tell you that there are much better things beyond button-down shirts and formal trousers. Yes, We are talking about accessories. An outfit is not complete without accessories. Women love to see a well-chosen accessory on a man. Accessories provide a finishing touch to your outfit that gets you from looking good to looking the best. It can be a watch, a rose gold rope chain, a tie, and many more. Little details can make a man look dull or exciting. 

You can check our collection of 14k gold rope chains and 14k gold rosary chains on our website that can drive women crazy when worn by a man.

5. A high-quality pair of shoes

Regardless of your profession or style, every man must have a pair of quality shoes to show that he gives attention to small details. There’s a saying you must have heard that eyes are the windows for every soul. But we say that shoes are the windows of your personality and style. The fact is women can judge a lot of things about you and your personality by simply looking at your shoes. So they are the major thing to consider as they can end your conversation before you even start talking. Wearing neat and clean shoes will not only show that you pay attention to every detail but also prove that you have got brilliant taste and style.

6. Women look for chemistry

This is something which you should consider with utmost importance. A woman likes a man because of his nature, not because of his finances. Initially how a woman is drawn towards a man depends on the emotional attraction that the woman feels for him. This is something that makes her desire and so she invested in you. Women want their men to make a deep connection and a meaningful life towards each other. 

7. The fresh breath and a brilliant smile

This one does not require any shopping or find in your closet. This has a direct connection with your face; especially with your mouth. You will definitely agree with us that smiling is the most simple and cheapest way of making anyone look more attractive. For passersby, anyone with a smiling face will appear to have better health, wealth, trustworthiness, and openness than anyone who does not. 

A brilliant smile is the one that attracts women towards men at first glance. So try to always have a smiling face. Brush your teeth daily, drink lots of water, and visit your dentist every six months. 

8. Trustworthy

A man who is honest and trustworthy instantly becomes more enchanting and desirable to any woman. Also if he is reliable, honorable, genuine, and always speaks from his heart, he is the man that every woman wants and he will definitely be worth pursuing. This quality in a man will build a long-term relationship with a woman. After all, every woman wants to rely on her man. 


We hope this guide helps you. We may not know exactly what a woman looks for in men, but the above qualities are necessary for every man to develop if they want to attract a high-quality woman. Any man can easily develop these qualities but what’s more important is the honesty that he is not faking it just to impress a woman. 

Look inside yourself and you will get to know that you are already a perfect man that most women would like to fall in love with.

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