Ever since the beginning of human mankind, the era of fashion has spread widely. Fashion is not only to wear clothes, but it is the reflection of your personality and beliefs. It allows the people to portray one’s individual style. It changes from time to time but what has never changed is the control that it has over society and most important is the role that it plays in this modern era.

Today in this article we will be discussing “Why do men still rule the fashion world?”

Why do men still rule the fashion world?

Men’s fashion is ruled by ancient times and tradition. Each person in menswear has been inspired from the past. So, Let’s explore the foundations of one’s personality and style and take a quick look back to hundreds of years in men’s fashion.

1. The 1800s

With the end of the 19th century, men were slowly and gradually getting rid of the Victorian style. They were used to wearing big hats, frock coats, and small watches in their pockets while carrying a stick to walk. You may find this a very elaborate and confined way of dressing but it is considered as the biggest step in the right direction as before this man used to wear feathers, tights, hosiery, and high heels. And you were thinking that you are looking dandy?

2. The 1900s

As we moved to the 1900s, men’s fashion wear was an adherent of utilitarianism rather than unimaginable. The late 1890s silhouette persisted and was replaced by tall and stiff collars. Three-piece suits that consisted of a sack coat were worn with matching waistcoats and trousers. Either they match their coat and waistcoat by contrasting their trousers or they make a match of their coat and trousers by contrasting their waistcoat. So does this sound familiar to you? Yes, right! Earlier also trousers were short or either folded from the bottom and creased properly with the press.

3. The 1930s

Men’s fashion in 1930 is considered as the outstanding men’s fashion in the past decade. The 1930s was a tumultuous decade where the youth in their twenties was changed by serious, rugged, and working-class men who had to fulfill the responsibilities of their home. The 1930s man was conservative yet elegant, oversized yet casual, and confident yet tried to manage his spending carefully.

4. The 1950s

The 1950s has seen the beginning of man-made fabrics such as rayon and nylon. This gave the boost to the clothing manufacturers who could save on the cost of fabric and can make clothing that is more durable and easy to clean. Some of today’s staples like a turtle neck, knitted polo, cuff jeans, scuff boots were once the clothing staple of the 50s. They add an air of breezy coolness and smart elegant confidence to a work-or-play ensemble. In the 1950s, the staples of men’s fashion had a wide range of styles to choose from. If you are the one who enjoyed the chic look or a greaser, the decade had everything for everyone.

5. The 1980s

In this era, things had taken a serious effect with the horizon of broad shoulders accompanying power ties to draw attention and intimidate. Trends like bold colors ripped jeans, leather biker jackets, graphic patterns ruled the decade. Hence this decade saw men fully embrace the trendy style and showcase their personality very proudly.

6. The 1990s

The 1990s can be considered as the worst-dressed decade. The fashion style in the 1990s was the beginning of tattoos and piercings in various body parts. This has brought the indifferent and weirdo approach to men’s fashion that leads to the popularity of the chic look. From oversized hoodies, pants, and shirts to piercings, tattoos, and hairstyles 90s outfits had everything for everyone. If you are looking to replicate the 90s look into a retro look today, then there are a wide variety of styles to mesh modern and classic designs to pull off this proper aesthetic.

7. The 2000s

Menswear in the 2000s is totally influenced by the hip-hop culture for youngsters and older gents. Shopping and doing experiments with hair suddenly became an integral part of men’s lifestyle in a way that hadn’t been before. Denim, cargo pants, rugby, sneakers, or polo shirts became a must-have staple for men. These were often paired with accessories like bracelets, 10k gold rope chains, chunky belts, and platform boots.

8. The 2010s

This era has brought the evolution of men’s fashion stars. This year has become the bold and brilliant decade for the men’s fashion world. Various fashion bloggers have become popular and are mainstream. It was a time when no one looked to rule and experimented with new styles. Men swaggered in various styles like tailoring, accessories, sportswear, and snoozy. clothes. You can see smart dresses are getting casual and casual attire is getting more fashionable.

This period of time has also marked the beginning of online shopping. All over the world now, everyone has access to various brands than ever from their homes only. With the help of the internet, many start-up brands have launched, which stand out by marketing their platform using social media.

9. The 2020s

2020 has seen an exponential increase in men’s fashion and globalization. Casual smart attire, leisure, along statement jewelry pieces like 14k gold rope chains were on-trend. From dressing for your office to dressing up to express yourself, we have definitely come a long way. In today’s time, the game of fashion has changed many times. Today men’s fashion has been influenced by celebrities, rappers, the economy, and so much more since you were born.

Hence men’s fashion wear has gone through various transformations over the last decades. The developing menswear fashion has motivated the designers and vendors to offer various varieties of styles in fashion, be it clothing in different patterns and colors or masculine jewelry of various designs. Thus the evolution of different fashion trends for men boost all men to adopt men’s accessories and this broadens the growth of men’s fashion during the forecast period.


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