From New York to Milan, to Paris, the spring 2020 Season was awash with interesting fashion trends. Some of these trends pushed the boundaries while others harked back to history for inspiration. Still, others are timeless trends that have been around for some time. In jewelry trends, large gold chains made appearances on most runways.

Whether you follow the latest trends or not, there is no denying the fact that big gold chains are stylish and classic. They never go out of fashion and are among the boldest contemporary fashion pieces. If you are looking to add an edge to your spring outfit, it is time to look at how 10k gold chains can help.

A brief overview of Big Gold Chains

Gold chains have been around for centuries. These status symbols have been mentioned in Egyptian culture. While gold chains have existed in many forms over the course of fashion history, big gold chains become popular from the 1970s when they were adopted by rap musicians of the time.

Kurtis Blow, a black rapper, was one of the first musicians to wear a large gold chain to create what became an iconic fashion statement. The old rap group Run-DMC, Eric B, Raking Wu-tang clan, and other early hip hop artists made the big gold chain very popular and it became a staple of every rapper’s outfit to date.


Eye-catching gold ornaments have become part of the music industry, and jewelry designers have adapted many of them for the consumer market. Today, the biggest fashion houses have incredible looking gold chains in a variety of styles and sizes to satisfy the demand.

These gold chains are not exclusive to men’s fashion, as seen at the Spring 2020 season runway. There are fashionable chunky gold chains that suit stylish lady’s outfits as well. This is part of the 80s fashion revival that has dominated the fashion industry for the last few years.

Styling your Big Gold Chain

If you are the bold and daring type when it comes to fashion, you have to try out the stylish big gold chain. These big chains ooze charisma and sophistication and they are great for your Spring outfit. There are different ways to style and wear your gold chains. These include:

Chunky Gold Chains

This magnificent chain puts a modern spin on a traditional piece of jewelry. It is a simple accessory that is open to different applications. Whether you want to dress up or down, a chunky gold chain is a good statement piece.

It brings life to your spring outfit irrespective of whether it is a t-shirt, mini dress, a blazer, denim top, a neck scarf, turtleneck, or anything else you wish to wear. It is a perfect jewelry piece to create a sleek and timeless aesthetic for the spring.

Real Gold Necklace

If you have a white, red, or black outfit, a real gold chain is the best accessory to accentuate your look. Gold accessories have always been popular because they stand out easily and they ooze class and elegance whatever the outfit you choose. If you are after a sophisticated and complex aesthetic, go for a big real gold chain this spring.

Pendant Gold Chains

If you want to make a fashion statement with your gold chain, a pendant is a smart way to complete your look. Whether big or small, a pendant adds a layer of complexity to your look. It instantly antes up your spring outfit.

Layered Gold Chains

If you want to make a big impact with your big gold chain, it is time to add something to the equation. For instance, a subtle diamond pendant will immediately draw attention to your neck. This will instantly become the focus of your outfit.

However plain your spring outfit looks, layering a chunky gold chain is the easiest way to spruce it up. The delicate diamond necklace is a perfect combination for your accessorized look as it adds some glamor and elegance.

Types Of Gold Chains To Choose From

Now that you appreciate how a classic gold necklace can have an impact on your spring outfit, it is time to choose the best. You can choose from among these styles:

        I. Dookie or Rope Chain

These gold chains are popular with rappers and other celebrities. This chain style entails different rope-like segments tied together. You can wear it with or without a pendant. 10k gold Rope chains are hard to miss when worn with any outfit. this is the chain style to choose when you want to spice up your spring outfit.

      ii. Jesus Gold Chain

A gold Jesus pendant necklace is another popular item which is both a fashion statement and a testament to faith. These large chains have a pendant at the end with a Jesus figure. You can personalize the necklace to suit length, thickness, or fashion style.

      iii. Snake Chains

Like the name implies, these gold chains are designed to form a continuous tube-like appearance, like that of a snake. They are delicate but you can also wear them with a pendant.

     iv. Cuban Link Chain

The Cuban link chain style is the most popular in the world. This chain consists of a thick circular or oval-shaped gold pieces that interlock to give your gold chain a complete and stylish look.

It is not worn with a pendant and you can choose from a range of thicknesses to suit the occasion. If you want to add fire to your spring outfit a thick Cuban link gold chain is the way to go.

       v. Figaro Gold Chain

This is a special gold chain that consists of a pattern of repeating links. They feature one longer rectangular link that is followed by smaller oval or round links. The pattern is repeated to give a delicate and complex look. It is an interesting choice for both men and women who want something more intricate for their outfits.

Choosing the Right Gold Chain

There are multiple gold chains available on the market and choosing one can become an overwhelming task. Some of the crucial factors to remember include:

  • Buy a gold chain that suits your style and personality
  • Pick a suitable, tough link type to suit your spring outfit
  • Go for high-quality solid gold for durability (look for a hallmark)
  • Go for 14K gold which is harder and resistant to scratching
  • Choose a sturdy clasp
  • Remember size matters, choose the length of the gold chain carefully

Wrapping Up

If you want to spice up your spring outfit, it is time to consider buying a big stylish gold chain. It is a bold fashion statement that oozes class and sophistication. It is an interesting idea to ante up your outfit and stand out from the crowd. With this information, you can now hit the stores and find the best gold chain to pair with your outfit.

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