Gold chains go way back in the history of jewelry making. They date back to the earliest civilizations where people wore them as amulets. Gold chains are the most common forms of accessories today that can be worn with both formal and casual outfits. Like with other gold accessories, gold chains ooze timeless beauty, sophistication, elegance, and class.


If you want to add a piece of jewelry that can instantly revolutionize your look, a gold chain is a perfect choice. With so many gold products and designs on the market, choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task.

This guide explores different factors you should consider while looking for a magnificent gold chain.

1. Consider Your Needs First

So are you looking for a gold chain? That is alright, but have you narrowed down on what you would like in your chain? Do you want a chain for formal or informal occasions? Are you after a statement piece that will turn heads? Maybe you want a chain with some symbolic meaning? It is advisable to create a checklist of the things you want in your chain. You should also consider your style at this point to find the right chain. For instance, if you love a classy and elegant look, a thin, delicate chain is best for you. If you are the outgoing type, go for a thicker eye-catching gold chain.

2. Consider the amount of gold in your Chain

If you want to buy an impressive gold chain, then you have to check the amount and quality of gold used to make the piece. The quantity of gold in your chain determines its appearance, durability, and value. For instance, a 24K gold chain contains 99.99% gold, a 9K gold chain has 37.5% gold, 14K has58.33% gold, 18K has 75% gold, and 22K boasts 91.66% gold.

14k gold rope chains contain 14 parts out of 24 of pure gold. The remaining 10 parts are made up of other alloys. On the other hand, an 18-carat gold chain will contain 75% pure gold which means it has 18 parts out of 24 of pure gold and six parts of other alloys. It is important to talk to your jeweler and confirm the purity of the gold in any piece you wish to buy from them.

Other ways to confirm the quality of gold used to make the jewelry you choose include:

  • Checking fora “hallmark” logo: High-quality gold chains will have a tiny engraving hidden somewhere. This inscription indicates the purity and material of the gold chain.
  • Use a magnet test: If a magnet attracts your gold chain, it has some iron or nickel in it. This can cause skin irritations for those with sensitive skin.
  • Porcelain test: Rub the gold chain against an unglazed porcelain surface. The chain should leave a golden yellow stain and not a dark stain.
  • Appraisal: You can pay an appraiser to determine the quality of gold used to make your jewelry.
  • The acid test: If you can get hold of nitric acid, hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid, use a drop on the gold surface. If there is no reaction, then you have a piece made of pure gold and not a gold-plated one.

3. Consider the Different Chain Designs Available

One of the most important considerations when buying a gold chain is the style/design. If you talk to a jeweler, this is the first thing they will ask you to confirm. Some of the popular gold chain styles include:

  • Figaro Gold chains: This is a fancy gender-neutral chain whose design originated from Italy. It features an alternating pattern of standard links (mostly three) that precede an elongated link all the way through. The pattern usually has two or three shorter links followed by a longer link. It is a fancy and classy gold chain for all occasions.
  • Gold rope chains: This design resembles an ordinary rope with intertwining gold strands. They work best with a pendant and come in varying sizes. 10k gold rope chains are among the most popular accessories due to their luxurious look.
  • Bead or ball gold chains: This chain style features small round beads of metal spaced at uniform intervals. They are popular with men who wear them with dog tags. The thickness of the bead and the length of the chain vary.
  • Singapore gold chains: If you want a sophisticated and delicate-looking gold chain, this is your best choice. it is a durable and sturdy gold chain made of fibers that are braided and twisted together.
  • Box gold chains: These chains feature square “box” like links connected closely to create a beautiful smooth gold chain.
  • Snake gold chains: These chains have a design consisting of small rings, either plates or bands that create a very tight-linked chain. The slight zigzag appearance gives this style of chain its name.

Online shopping has made it easy to compare different styles of chains on the market and choose the right one to suit your style and personality.

4. Solid, Plated, or Hollow Gold Chain?

Solid gold chains are durable but more expensive. You can also opt for a hollow gold chain that is lightweight but prone to scratches. A gold-plated chain is cheap but when the plating wears off, you only have an ugly chain left.

5. Check the ClaspOf The Chain

It is easy to overlook the quality and type of clasp on your chain but this can turn out to be a big mistake. Some of the clasp types include lobster, hook, and ring clasp.

You should consider Lobster clasps as they are easy to release. They are also more solid and durable, and they will not snag on your clothing.

Hook clasps are also easy to use but are not very safe. Spring-loaded ring clasps are cheaper but every thin. They are not as durable or as secure as lobster clasps.

6. Choose the Right Length of Chain

The length of your chain can make or break the impact it has on your look. Different lengths emphasize different parts of your chest. A short-chain (16 inches) emphasizes the neckline while a longer one (18 inches) will lie on the collar bone, and it is best for outdoor wear and parties.

7. Choose the Right Thickness of Chain

The thickness of your chain has both aesthetic and practical purposes. If you want to wear a pendant with your chain, a thicker chain is more ideal. Thin 10k gold chains are sleek and classy and give a sophisticated look.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a gold chain, take your time to find the best one. These tips will help you find the most suitable chain to suit your style and get good value for your money. Take time to explore what is on the market and always consider your styling needs before finalizing a piece to purchase.

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