History and Significance of Jesus Cross

Pendants have the richest heritage and are among the most popular accessories in the fashion industry. The use of pendants dates back to the early Stone Age when objects such as teeth, shells, and bones were commonly used as amulets. Today, the “Jesus pendant” is one of the most popular forms of jewelry.

These pendants designed in the image and likeness of Jesus Christ have become iconic fashion accessories. In most cases, they depict the face of Jesus with a crown of thorns encrusted with precious gems. These pendants are made of precious metals and transcend religion, spirituality, race, and culture.

If you are looking for a trendy piece of jewelry that also carries a lot of meaning, it is time to learn more about the Jesus pendant. This post examines the evolution of these pendants, their styling, and reasons you should buy one.

Brief background of the Jesus Pendant

Neck jewelry featuring religious symbols have been around for centuries. Cross necklaces, for instance, bear a crucifix and are a statement of faith. Such accessories were common among early Christians, especially those of the Orthodox churches.

Hip hop artists popularized the use of the image of Jesus Christ on necklaces in the 1990s. These pendants made their way into fashion when one of the biggest rappers Christopher Wallace collaborated with his jeweler Tito Caicedo.


The Notorious B.I.G., a name Wallace was widely known by, started the tradition of wearing Jesus pendants in what became a lasting trend in the fashion industry. These pendants were not only a testament to the musician’s faith but also an ostentatious show of wealth and opulence.

B.I.G reportedly paid more than $10,000 for multiple Jesus pendants that he and his clique wore all the time. With his influence in the rap music industry, Notorious B.I.G easily catapulted the Jesus pendant into a fashion statement within the music community.

After his death, the trend never died, and other hip hop artists such as Jay Z, Kanye West, and many others keep the tradition alive. Today, Jesus pendants are a popular line in many fashion houses.

Most Jesus pendants boast of being made of the most precious metals and gemstones. For instance, a 14k gold Jesus pendant can also come encrusted with other precious stones on the eyes, crown, and ears. When Kanye West collaborated with jeweler artist Jacob Arabo, they created a Jesus pendant worth over $25,000.

The pendant featured yellow and light-brown diamonds standing for Jesus’s blond hair, with bright diamonds representing Jesus’s crown of thorns. There were also tiny beautiful rubies for the tears of blood on Jesus’s face, and aquamarines for His blue eyes. Kanye went on to partner with renowned Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to create a Jesus pendant worth over $200,000.

Why Should You Buy A Jesus Pendant?

When shopping for jewelry, it is advisable to look beyond the hype and find pieces that can stand the test of time. There are different reasons why you would want to buy a Jesus pendant. Let us have a look at some of them:

1. Music Meets Aesthetics

Whether you love music or not, you will agree that there is something magical about great beats. You might not be a fan of rap or hip hop but these musicians have created a culture out of their music. The Jesus pendant has gained a global appeal because it easily blends two beautiful things; music and fashion.

Buying a Jesus pendant gives you the chance to share in the deep heritage of hip hop music. Every pendant has a unique story behind it and carries a lot of symbolism. If you want to wear jewelry that represents something, a Jesus pendant is the way to go.

2. Bold Fashion Statement

If you are the bold, outgoing type, you are always on the lookout for outfits and jewelry that stands out. If you do not have a statement piece, a Jesus pendant can easily do the trick.

A 10k gold Jesus pendant will make heads turn because it instantly lights up your outfit. If you have a casual event to attend and you wish to dazzle, a Jesus pendant helps you make a bold fashion statement.

3. Versatile Styling

Most jewelry lovers want to buy something unique and elegant. Nothing frustrates a jewelry lover more than wearing a piece of jewelry only to see someone else rocking the same style. For this reason, you need to find jewelry designs that you can customize easily.

If you want to add your own unique touch, Jesus pendants are easy to work with. You can work with your jewelry designer to add a personal touch to the pendant through the choice of gems, the shape of the face, and other features. You can choose from multiple gems and metals to create a truly unique pendant that is hard to replicate.

There are so many of these pendants to choose from. From gold Jesus Christ heads, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Jesus’s Crown of Thorns, Jesus on the cross, Black Jesus, Jesus medal pendants, custom iced out Jesus pendants, to gold micro Jesus pendants.

What is more, there is a wide selection of chains such as Cuban link, gold rope chain, sterling silver chains, Figaro, Snake chain, and others. Today, you can buy these pendants in a variety of materials, styles, and colors. From electric pink, rose and white gold, caramel brown, sophisticated silver to the traditional eye-catching yellow gold.

4. Wear Your Faith On The Neck

It is important to appreciate the origins of “Jesus pendants”. The pioneers of hip hop music faced tough times and when Notorious B.I.G started wearing his Jesus pendants, it was a bold statement of his faith.

While this form of jewelry now transcends religion or faith, you can still hark back to its origins. Many people don these pendants not only as fashion accessories but as statements of their faith.

5. Timeless Jewelry

If you want to buy a jewelry piece that you can wear any time of the year, a Jesus pendant should top your list. It oozes timeless glamor and opulence and it is bound to make heads turn every time. These pendants appear on the red carpet and fashion runways every other year.

Final Thoughts

The “Jesus pendant” is a bold, stylish, and timeless piece of jewelry. These pendants are not only fashionable but also help the wearer to make a statement of their faith. If you are in the market for a bold and daring jewelry piece, this is a pendant you should buy. It will become an invaluable part of your jewelry collection.

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