There are quite a number of ways one can wear a pendant and necklaces. You can always use the design of the necklace you choose to wear as a guide while you upgrade your style. After all, jewelry is only as good as you wear it.

Whether you want to look funky, chic, extravagant, or elegant, there is always a necklace or pendant that can help you achieve such a look.


When it comes to accessorizing, use your creativity and imagination to bring out your personality. It is always good to bring out your inner child and play with different ideas every once in a while.

If you are looking for new ways to mix up your wardrobe, you should consider investing in pendants. You can easily upgrade your style without requiring to purchase new necklaces. No one will know that you switched pendants, and even if they do, there is nothing wrong with it.

Pendant necklaces are statement pieces that help you communicate without saying a word. The best part is that they are not restricted to a specific type of attire.

Here is how to use necklaces and pendant to upgrade your style.

Long pendant necklaces

For an everyday look, you should go for long pendant necklaces. Irrespective of the length of your necklace, your 14k gold Jesus pendant is bound to look great. You can use them to accentuate your simple tops on days when you want to feel attractive and interesting.

The beauty of such necklaces is that they are quite versatile. You are free to choose whether to wear them during the summer or winter because they are ideal for any time of the year. You can either layer them over your sweater in the winter or wear them hanging on top of your plain t-shirts in the summer.

Did I mention that you can also combine them with other trendy pieces of jewelry? Well, now, you know.

If you have a bold bracelet, you can wear it with a long complementary 10k gold Jesus pendant necklace. The bracelet will be more noticeable because the pendant will hang closer to your wrist.

You can also give your monochrome outfit a splash of color so that you do not look too dull. All you need is a little color to make winter days warmer and your summer more joyful.

Long boho necklace

Continuing with the long pendant necklaces vibe, you can easily achieve a tribal look when you wear a boho necklace. If you are interested in exploring the bohemian style, long boho necklaces are the way to go.

These cute and free-spirited accessories come with tasseled pendants that are as light as a feather. These are great for casual as well as dressy outfits because they flow easily with what you wear.

They work perfectly for when your project to achieve a subtle look because it is almost as if they are a part of your ensemble. These necklaces are the exact opposite of excessive, which means you can play around with more designs than you would ordinarily.

These are fun and playful pendant necklaces that allow you to bring your inner child out to play.

If you want them to be more noticeable, go for a multi-tasseled boho necklace. To avoid looking tacky, ensure that the colors of the dress you wear complement the colors of the tassels.

Boho necklaces instantly give your outfit personality and dimension. Their composition and design are unique and flowy.

Colorful pendant necklaces

If you are more expressive, you should go for a colorful pendant necklace. You want a necklace with big colorful pendants that will effortlessly make a statement. Such chunky pendants are ideal for expensive personalities because they are remarkable and stylish.

Wear these with a plain top so that they take center stage.

If you have a wardrobe that looks old and you would like to renew the look, all it takes is one of these colorful necklaces. Their intensity allows you to upgrade your looks instead of spending money on new outfits.

Pairing them with equally bold earrings makes you attractive and appealing. Such refined looks are great for special occasions like cocktail parties or weddings.

For an ensemble that looks like it is put together well, make sure that the colors of your outfit complement the ones on your necklace.

Dainty necklaces

Are you a fun girl? Then these delicate pendant necklaces will go well with your personality. These are the perfect necklace for anyone who wants to achieve a girly look.

The best part is that they have no time or place; you can wear them all the time because they are subtle and simple.

These are truly unique pieces, and the thinness of the chain makes them even more appealing. Their discreteness allows you to wear them even among conservatives without feeling like the odd one out.

They have an adjustable design, which makes them quite versatile. That is why you can pair them up with newer jewelry or wear then with old jewelry for an amazing revamp.

You can easily use these necklaces to create a unique design that represents your fashion style and personality.

If you are not sure of what you want, feel free to experiment with different pieces until you find a combination that feels right for you. When it comes to dainty necklaces, authenticity is key because many of them tend to look similar.

Layered pendant necklaces

Layered pendant necklaces are a major fashion trend because they allow you to merge different styles for a more expressive look. You can layer your 14k gold Jesus pendant with a much subtle choker if you want to be fashionable and still express your religious beliefs.

You can also go for a 10k gold Jesus pendant if your pockets are not as deep. After all, the difference between the color of 10k and 14k gold pendants is very subtle.

Regardless of your fashion style, you are bound to look amazing in layered necklaces.

Layering necklaces of different lengths go well with plan v-necked tops. This is because the pendants will fall into different layers instead of on top of each other.


Pendant necklaces are versatile pieces of jewelry. They go well with a wide variety of outfits and when you wear them you will look amazing without even trying. Make sure the color of your outfit compliments the colors of the necklace and pendants you choose to wear.

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