On its own, a gold chain is beautiful and has the potential to transform your appearance. However, although wearing a gold chain would look good when worn to one occasion, it may appear out of place for another. This also means that the same gold chain that looks good when worn with one outfit may look totally out of place when worn with a different one. However, buying new gold chains every time you wish to attend a function is not possible. The secret to maintaining your elegance is to invest in several different gold chains that you can play with while choosing an outfit to wear for an occasion. Check out these ideas and gold chain designs that will make you stand out whenever you are attending an occasion.


1. Herringbone Chains

The design is perfect to wear when attending a casual event. It can enhance the look of a relaxed outfit and still look pronounced in an outdoor setting. It is made of parallel links in an offset pattern with a flat and short sequence. It is these sequences that identify the chain. This design is unique and the look makes a perfect conversation starter.

The Herringbone Chain can still be worn with official attire. It has a stunning character that makes it less pronounced yet not easy to hide. Another advantage is that it looks good even when worn without a pendant. It allows you to shine among the people around you.

2. Box Chain

The links have a box shape instead of the usual round style. The design allows the chain to fall flat on your neck, delivering immense comfort. The design has a unique and rewarding look that goes beyond helping you to make a statement of class. It sends a message of satisfaction and class, whenever it is worn irrespective of the occasion.

The box chain design suits both men and women. The links come in different sizes, from small-sized boxes to the bold block boxes. It gives you multipurpose jewelry that satisfies your fashion sense.

3. Bead Chains

Are you looking for a gold chain that you can wear with a medallion or pendant? The bead chain is your perfect choice. The design is also common with men, especially when the beads are small in size. The bead chain design gives manufacturers or goldsmiths leeway to customize the chain. The beads may be close or far apart. The manufacturer may also use large or small beads. They can also make chains that have beads of different colors like the 10k gold rope chains. The design appeals to many as it has a classy and posh look to it.

4. Anchor Chains

Fashion police consider anchor chains as the most classic and stunning style of chains. They have the potential to elevate your fashion sense regardless of the outfit you wear them with. The design delivers a high level of sophistication and elegance. The links are oval-shaped and have a vertical bar between each link.

This style of chain borrows its name from the chain used on anchor boats at the shore. The variations in design result in fluffy, flat, heavy, and delicate, links among other styles. If you just need the touch of gold, a simple design will work. However, if you are looking for attention, you can opt for a bold thicker chain.

5. Cuban Chains

Some people will refer to these chains as Miami Cuban chains because of their association with beach life. These chains are normally seen looped on rappers’ necks. This ornate chain has an imposing and chunky appearance.

Cuban chains are distinguished by their flattened links. The links can either be small or large, depending on personal preference. Whether they are worn by men or women, this design draws attention to the wearer and will elevate your fashion sense.

6. Figaro Chain

The Figaro chain is unique because it consists of combinations of links of unequal size and shape. The pattern is repetitive but is interrupted by a long rectangular link at the front. The successive links may be oval or round. A person looking for a simple gold chain may like the look of this chain. It makes a bold statement and also looks good when worn with a pendant.

7. Snake Chain

The links used to make this chain are curved and rounded, and fit tightly into each other to give it the appearance of a snake. The links are flexible and sleek, giving you a chain that can be worn for official as well as casual occasions. It is perfect for either men or women.

Since the chain is durable and strong, it can be worn with a pendant or medallion. The delicate design and appearance also allow it to sit on the neck like a simple chain. The design makes it conspicuous whenever it is worn on the neck, especially if it is worn with an outfit of a contrasting shade.

8. Wheat Chain

A wheat chain utilizes the idea of weaving. The links are flat and oval-shaped which appear to be weaved together to form a unique chain. Many times the links appear to look like a string of mature wheat stalks.

Wheat Chains are some of the most durable accessories you can get in the market. The chain is strong enough to support the weight of a pendant. You could also choose to wear it alone when you want something simple and light on your neck. It fits men or women who love gold without calling too much attention to their neckline.

9. Byzantine Chain

The Byzantine Chain is a rare yet powerful choice of chain. Each of the chains passes through four others to form a link. The result is a design that appears like a rope. It is flexible, supple, and luxurious when placed on the neck. This imperious design is for a wearer who wishes to send a message of confidence and is seeking to impress. You should wear it on its own with a pendant to create maximum impact.

10. Rope Chains

They are among the most durable and heaviest of chains in the market today. The links are twisted together, to give the impression of a rope. The weaving of the rope helps to reflect light from all angles. The reflections give the chain a unique kind of brilliance. 14k gold Rope chains can enhance your look whether you choose to wear them with a pendant or alone, based on the occasion and taste.

A gold chain is only as good as the balance created with the accompanying outfit. With options of heavy and light chains, you have a fitting piece for all occasions. Remember that the design will affect the price since it has an impact on the amount of gold used to make it. Always choose a design that resonates with the outfit and occasion you will be attending.

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