If anyone is asked to name iconic men who wear gold chains, the list would end almost as soon as it starts. However, something unique can be seen in the personality of all the men who love wearing gold. They are icons in their industry, have a unique sense of class, and are successful.

Seeing men wear 14k gold rope chains is a new phenomenon. It is a tradition that was associated with the wealth of monarchs and celebrities. Wearing a gold chain announced that the person was a big deal. 

Changing the Trend of Gold Rope Chains for Men

The beauty of gold chains is that they are no longer preferred only by kids with old money or hip hop celebrities. They are also not preferred solely by public figures who live a thug life. Pastors are adorning decent gold chains and breathing fire at pulpits. Businessmen are closing multi-million dollar deals while wearing gold chains around their necks. The revolution has redefined the place of gold chains in men’s fashion.


While men are getting more comfortable with wearing gold chains, it does not mean that every piece will fit. In some cases, what fits one man will not fit the other. Further, a man who wears the same chain over and over, cannot expect to remain stylish forever. The chain will only draw attention if it is perfectly styled. 

Styling Gold Chains for Men

Gold chains have their own natural elegance. However, just any design will not fit every neck or outfit. This is the idea behind styling gold chains. A man must find the perfect chain for the occasion. Luckily, the market has numerous options from which men can choose. Still, there are instances when a man should settle for a white gold rope chain and not a rose gold one.

The choices you make will determine the image you portray to your associates and friends. Several ideas that can help you to achieve the right style. Since styling is about appearance, the ultimate question will be, “How striking do I want to appear”? Let us look at a few ideas that affect the styling of gold chains for men.

  • The subtle look– a lot of men do not want the chain they wear to attract attention. The chain becomes more of a personal ornament as opposed to standing out in public or outshining your friends. A classic and simple gold chain will help you to achieve the look. You can achieve a subtle look by choosing a chain that looks good when paired with your attire. If you are tempted to add a pendant or medallion, it is advisable to choose the small-sized one that is made of the same metal as your chain.
  • Eye-catching outrageous gold chains for men–Chains can be worn to capture the attention of everyone you meet. It will be a perfect conversation starter and will always stand in spite of the look of your outfit. Eye-catching chains are not for everybody or every occasion. The styles are found at the extreme end and will require deeper thought. The outrageous element may be the design, color, or size, among other aspects.
  • Layering– the idea refers to having more than one chain on your neck. It adds a sense of movement and texture to your attire. The style will never fall under a subtle look because it will always capture attention. Layering is done using chains of different lengths, sizes, designs, and colors. There is no rule on the number of chains that can be layered but the ideal number to consider is 2to5 chains.

The choice of which gold chain you should get yourself requires that you consider many other factors while shopping for one. Skin complexion, the shape of your head, and a matching outfit are some of the factors to consider. Some outfit colors, for example, will go well with a rose gold rope chain while others can only match a white gold chain. Here are a few other factors to consider when choosing your gold chain.

Chain Length

Men’s gold chains vary in length from 14 to 16 inches, all the way to 30 inches. The length will affect several other factors, including the size and type of pendant you choose to pair with your chain. The length of a chain will also determine the type of chain. For instance, a choker holds tight on the neck and can only be used alone. The layering design, therefore, is only applicable to longer chains. A choker seldom remains concealed beneath an outfit. They are visible and will make for a bold look.

Chain Thickness

Gold chains for men can be thick, medium-sized, or thin. The width may vary from 1mm to 21mm. This width will depend on personal preference. The width affects the style and visibility of a chain. Thin chains are associated with a subtle look while thick chains are common for those who want to stand out. The reality is that hiding a thick chain under your outfit will be difficult. However, thin chains are usually meant for personal gratification, with the owners not wanting it to be seen.

Chain Color

Gold comes in multiple colors, offering men the chance to use chains that perfectly match their attire. The genuine color of gold is referred to as golden and is usually a reddish-yellow. By varying the composition of gold, you can produce other color variations like white, green, and rose. The choice of a golden chain will depend on the outfit you plan to wear for the day. Some colors will go well with yellow or rose while others do not. The best color for a subtle and all-purpose look is white. Always consider personal preference when choosing the color of your gold chain.

Purity Level

The quantity of gold added to the alloy used to make a chain decides the purity. The purity of gold is measured in karats. If you buy a chain with a higher karat rating, you should be prepared to pay a higher price. It shines brighter, looks polished, and will give you a sense of class. 24k is the purest quality of gold you will get in the market.

Buying a gold chain is a personal project. Remember that a chain that suits your friend will not necessarily suit you. Shop around and try different styles depending on the outfits you intend to wear them with. You may also experiment with different ideas of the same style, to help you satisfy your fashion sense properly.

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