Accessorizing is a skill that Most men and women perfect with time. Proper accessorizing requires that you constantly learn to update your skill and keep up with fashion trends. Every year, fashion enthusiasts push the limits of how they use gold chains and jewelry in general. Many have abandoned all the old rules they read in books and have created a new sense of fashion that is ever-changing. Here are innovative jewelry ideas to consider when you want to update your fashion sense.


1.Using Rings, Necklaces, and Bangles for Layering

Layering is a fashion style that takes attention away from a single piece. People have a chance to see different designs, colors, styles, and textures by combining multiple accessories. The traditional approach was to layer your jewelry using a single accessory like a necklace.

The trendy style today is to use multiple accessories to create a layered effect. It will appear as though there is a party on your neck, with all the accessories you wear adding up into something magnificent. Layering also allows you to express your creativity to the people you meet.

2.Know When and Where to Stop

One person will be comfortable with a single chain while another will choose to wear as many 10k gold rope chains as possible. The truth is that there is no limit to how many chains or accessories you can have on your body. However, too many accessories only dilute your desired image. Several factors should guide you when deciding the extent to which you can go with accessories.

  • Are you a subtle or exorbitant fashionista?
  • What is the occasion?
  • What style of accessories is available?

Avoid overdoing your accessories to the extent that their beauty gets lost in the excess.

3. Earrings Speak Louder

It could be the last accessory on your mind but it has the potential to define or break your overall image. Earrings stand among the first accessories people notice when they see you. They are in the field of vision whenever you are having a conversation with someone. Choose earrings that complement your complexion, eye color, and outfit, among other aspects. The size of the earrings you choose also matters. You need to ensure that they fit properly.

4. Mixing Metals is a Legal Sin

It is said that some people were created to wear silver while others were meant to wear gold. Well, you are not someone or the other. The world today allows you to break old fashion rules and create new ones. One of these rules is mixing metals to create a unique fashion statement. Choose pendants that contrast with the color of your chain. You may also layer chains made of different metals. Doing so helps to add vibrancy to your accessories.

5. Let the Accessories Standout

Fashion police opine that accessories should complement your outfit. In most cases, these accessories end up being swallowed by the outfit. Posh 14k gold rope chains disappear when worn with flashy dresses. This trend requires a reversal.

When dressing, think of how the accessories you wear can gain prominence, instead of blending them into your overall fashion sense. Choose an outfit that does not swallow your accessories. For instance, you may choose to wear a shiny gold chain with a dark dress. The chain will be the obvious accessory and would serve as a conversation starter.

6. Use Your Accessory As A Focal Point

If you stand in front of a group of people, what do you want them to see first? Is it your earrings, necklace, chain, bracelet, or a nosering? Accentuate the accessory you choose and let it be the focal point of your dressing.

Making the focal point unique and eye-catching helps to ensure that all eyes will go to the area. It could be your neck, hands, ears, or even your nose. Consider the elements of your body that interact with people the most.

For instance, if you shake a lot of hands at work, a ring or bracelet could be the center of focus. If you have to make presentations while on your feet, the chain and earrings will capture attention. A bracelet captures attention if you are filling customer details at the reception desk. This trick ensures that the elegance of your accessories is not lost in the ensemble. It also creates a memorable element when you engage with people.

7. Pick an Iconic Style

Fashion could leave you with no sense of identity. The seasonal nature of trendy fashion means that a new design or idea will emerge every day. This constant shifting can cause you to shed what you thought was elegant. While you must remain trendy, avoid the temptation of jumping into every fashion style that emerges.

Choose a signature style for your accessories. It could be color, shape, size, metal, design, or any element that you resonate with your fashion desires. The iconic styles come with variations. Use these variations to spice your sense of style.

8. Watch your neckline

The necklace or chain you choose will depend on your neckline. A wide or long neckline will be made worse by a choker. Manipulate your neckline to achieve the perfect balance using the length of your chain and design of your outfit. Pendants on your chains also help you to achieve the perfect neckline.

9.Drop the Jewelry

Strangely, a trending jewelry tip is to avoid wearing jewelry. However, it will make sense when you stop losing your breath trying to chase jewelry trends that fail to provide satisfaction. It allows the people who know you or come into constant contact with you to see you differently. They will appreciate the magic of not being distracted by the accessories you wear. You also get to showcase outfits that were previously overshadowed by the accessories.

10.Privatize Your Accessories

Each person has a unique sense of creativity. If you spend all your life following every fashion idea other people come up with, you will remain in their shadows. Break the rules and create a personalized unique fashion sense. Let the world know that you can also create new designs and styles.

Your body type and shape are not similar to the models you see advertising accessories in magazines or runways. You also attend different occasions and have a unique image to portray. While you must be trendy, set out to be unique so that the image you portray to friends and associates is memorable.

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