You will have to agree that choosing a gift is a cumbersome process and selecting one for men is even more confusing! However, what helps is having an idea of what the receiver of the gift likes, especially when you are narrowing down your options.

So, if you have decided to shop for a piece of jewelry for your man, the next question that arises is what kind of jewelry you should look for. Believe it or not, the options are truly endless when it comes to men’s jewelry, too. Rings, bracelets, pendants, chains, watches, bands, earrings… the list goes on and on.


However, we think nothing quite makes a statement like a lustrous gold chain. In terms of gifting, too, this is a safe, thoughtful, and fantastic choice. There are certain things that you need to consider when gifting your man a gold chain, though.

Read on to find out what aspects you should look at and how to make the chain selection process smooth.

1. Understand the type of gold

With advancements in manufacturing and purification processes, modern-day gold chains are available in a wide variety of makes. According to the karat system of gauging the purity of gold, compositions like 10k and 14k are among the most sought-after types of gold chains. 10k or 10 karat means that there is 41.7% gold and 14k means there is 58.3% gold. Apart from the difference in composition, the prices also vary depending on which type you choose.

2. Select a style

Gold chains today are available in a vast array of styles, including Cuban, rope, box, ball, Miami link, bullet, etc. 10k and 14k Gold rope chains are among the most popular categories and are available in white gold, rose gold, and pure yellow gold. They are essentially interlinked gold chains that suit most modern, traditional, formal, and casual outfits.

3. Establish your selection criteria

Many people get befuddled due to the overabundance of makers and sellers and the variety of options available. Make sure you know what to look for in a gold chain. For instance, once you have decided you want to buy a gold chain and a specific style, ensure that you set the basic requirements that any item you see must fulfill. This includes factors like the make, sturdiness, purity, weight, length, width or thickness, etc.

4. Trendy or traditional?

Modern jewelry makers have really expanded the possibilities of what can be done with gold chains. From the good-old designs to in-your-face makes, you will come across an amusing variety of gold chains in the market. The hip-hop revolution, boho-chic trends, gentlemanly designs, celebrity-sported chains, and ostentatiously blingy varieties are among the top gold chain trends. Of course, trends keep evolving and changing, so it is up to you to decide what the receiver of your gift will go weak in the knees.

5. Put some thought into it!

No matter how expensive your gift, it holds no value unless it is considered by the receiver as a thoughtful one. So, the first thing you should think about is the likes and preferences of this person. Sure, a gold chain is a mighty impressive gift choice, but make sure you know what kind of design the man will love and when or where he will wear it. While many people like minimalistic jewelry today, there are some who don’t like to keep it low key! Make sure this reflects in your gift – the chain you choose should act as an extension of the person’s personality and character.

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