What is the Cuban link chain?

Cuban link chains are unique forms of jewelry that consist of strong and thick necklaces that flattened faces. These link chains are usually popular as gold necklaces that are paired with bracelets and worn by men due to their heavyweight and masculine look. The version for women typically features a rounder, lighter appearance, and slimmer links.


The name of Cuban links originates from their popularity among Miami Cubans but these chains are not just limited to residents of Miami. The charm of these chains has been spread around different urban areas and major cities. This jewelry is much more than a trend. It is certainly here to stay with its long-lasting and superior design

Key Considerations

Cuban link chains are among the most versatile options for gold chains in the market. Buying this type of chain involves having an idea of how they are made, the type of gold Cuban that you should buy, and seeming recommendations for the best purchases.


A Cuban link is made from virtually any type of metal such as platinum, silver, and gold. Gold is the most common option for making Cuban links. Although many gold link chains are designed to appear yellow, other metal colors can be combined with gold and transform the color. For instance, copper can be used to create rose gold color while palladium or nickel is great for variations of white gold.


When it comes to choosing the size of a Cuban link, the size of the chain is an important consideration along with the quality of the Cuban link chain. Huge gold Cuban link chains that weigh more than 10 pounds are popular among rappers and entertainers. This inspires many consumers to go up the sizing scale.

Whether you want to impress people with an enormous chain or not, you need to determine how big your chain should be according to your preference. The size of a Cuban link chain is based on your taste and preference. If you want the illusion of a large size without excessive weight, you can achieve this by layering multiple small chains instead of wearing one enormous chain.

Many 14k gold Cuban chains weigh less than 130 grams with a width of 12 millimeters that will be kinder to your neck. The ideal width of Cuban link chains is 8mm to 12mm for men and for women the recommended width is usually between 5mm and 8mm. A suitable length for a 10k gold Miami Cuban link chain is 18 inches to 22 inches for men while women do well between 16 inches and 18 inches. These are worthwhile recommendations for people who want to stand out and look fashionable.


Gold purity is among the factors that you should keep in mind when you want to buy a unique Cuban link chain. When the gold that is used to make the link chain has higher purity or higher k’s, the Cuban link chain will cost more. 18k gold Cuban chains consist of pure gold that amounts to 75%.

A 10k gold Miami Cuban link chain is lower than 50% in pure gold. This distinct difference when it comes to the level of purity influences the prices of the chains. 10 to 14 karat s recommended for customers who want an affordable yet trendy alternative to higher karats that come with bigger price tags.


When considering the price, you can expect a 10k Cuban chain to cost less than 14k gold Cuban chains. However, even if you want to stick to a budget when you buy a chain, the good news is that you do not have to compromise on quality. It is okay to opt for a gold chain that fits your budget. The most important thing to look at is the quality of craftsmanship no matter what the level of purity is. Consider quality above everything else when you want to get a gold Cuban link.


  • Cuban link chains consist of interlocking patterns that create their attractive and thick appearance. The chains are jewelry pieces that are guaranteed to stick around and grab attention every time you put it on. It is regarded as a luxurious accessory that represents your great sense of style and status.
  • One of the outstanding features of Cuban links is their durability and exclusivity that adds to their charm. They are a definitely worthwhile addition to your collection. Whether you want something heavy or lightly lighter, you can pick the right style and size for you.
  • Cuban links are known for their sturdy, unique, and thick feel. This is a great style if you want to look flashy and want something that you can pair with a blinged our ring or bracelet.

Wearing a Cuban Chain

Once you have some basic knowledge about gold Cuban chain links, what they are, where they come from, the colors that are available, and the size you prefer, the next step is to wear your amazing chain. You may be wondering about how to wear it and what to wear it with. A nice quality chain has the potential to make a bold statement about your style, personality, and who you are. It amplifies the perception you want society to have about you.

Keep it stylish but simple. You can wear your Cuban chain with a gold band and watch, possibly with a nice bracelet on the wrist. Take your look to the next level with a nice tie paired wit cuff links when you want to attend a formal function.  A classic and casual appearance can be achieved by adding a Cuban link chain to an outfit that consists of a hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans.

Gold Cuban links look great with hues of green, blue, and brown. White gold works well with gray and black tones. However, you are at liberty to wear your Cuban links with anything and everything because these accessories instantly make you stand out.


Cuban link chains are essential fashion accessories that represent luxury and turn heads at every occasion. These accessories also showcase a timeless design that always stays in style as other trends come and go. Cuban chains continue to be versatile and iconic components of fashion.

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