Whether it is a regal look you want for a fancy dinner event, or a casual one for that weekend getaway to the beach, or one that you can flaunt along with your everyday work formals – nothing makes a statement like an attractive gold chain.

Gold chains have been around since forever and keep emerging as a top men’s fashion trend every couple of years. It is fair to say that a man donning a good-looking gold chain adds a whole new dimension to his persona.

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Have you set your heart on buying a striking gold chain for yourself (or as a gift for your man, perhaps)? Today, there is a plethora of options for you to choose from. Picking the right material, length, thickness, and style is the key to buying the “right” one. Since our website is replete with various types of gold chains for men, selecting one design can become an uphill task. On that note, we have handpicked some of our best designs to narrow it down for you.

Read on and bling it on!

7 Chic 10k and 14k Gold Chain Designs for Men

Before you start shopping for gold chains, it is important that you understand the key differences between the varieties of gold that you can choose from. The most sought-after gold chains are made of 10 karat gold or 14 karats gold. Pure gold is 24 karats, which means that all 24/24 parts are gold. However, the purest form of gold (24k or 18k) is extremely expensive, rare, and difficult to maintain in your day-to-day life.

So Icy’s 10k gold chains: Our 10 karat gold chains are made up of 41.7% gold. This type of gold is among the least expensive and most durable options you will find in the market.

So Icy’s 14k gold chains: Our 14 karat gold chains are made up of 58.3% gold. 14k gold is beautiful in terms of appearance and very durable, too.

  1. 10k Yellow Gold Solid Rope Chain

Skinny (1.50 mm) and long (16-26 inches), this classic 10k gold rope chain is ideal for people who like to keep it simple and yet classy. The product weighs 3.70 grams, making it suitable for day-to-day wear.

  1. 10k Yellow Gold Skinny Rope Chain

With length options ranging from 16 to 24 inches and a width of 2.40 mm, this stunning piece of jewelry hangs a few inches below your chest line. Its hollow rope link and classic smooth cut link design give it a really elegant look.

  1. 14k Solid White Gold Rope Chain

If you are looking for a white gold chain, it doesn’t get better than this stunning rope design. Available in two sizes (18 inches / 2.60 grams and 24 inches / 3.40 grams), this 14k stylish white gold rope chain is an excellent fit for any occasion.

  1. 14k White Gold Skinny Diamond Cut Rope Link Chain

Who said diamonds are only a girl’s best friend? So Icy’s spectacular 14k white gold chain features a diamond-cut hollow rope link design that never fails to impress. Weighing 4 grams and available in different lengths (from 16 inches to 22 inches), this chain is your best friend!

  1. 14k Yellow Gold Hollow Smooth Rope Chain

This 14k yellow gold chain’s hollow, smooth links give it an irresistible look. If you are into slightly heavier or blingy jewelry, this design is a tad louder than the ones mentioned above. With a net weight of 4.40 grams, the rope chain is 3 mm wide and is available in length choices that range from 16 inches to 26 inches.

  1. 10k Yellow Gold Xl Smooth Semi-Hollow Rope Chain

Go bold or go home! If that is your motto in life, here is a semi-hollow 10k gold rope chain that is a whopping 63.30 grams in weight. 14 mm wide and 24-30 inches in length, its twisted rope design brings out the extravagant you.

  1. 10k Rose Gold Solid Diamond Cut Rope Chain

On the lookout for a powerful statement-making rose gold chain? So Icy’s magnificent solid diamond cut rope chain promises that and much more. With a starting weight of 88.80 grams, this chain is made from 10k rose gold and is 6.50 mm wide. Its masculine design is made for the confident, modern man.

All our 10k and 14k gold chains come with a convenient black-colored leatherette jewelry box and warranty. From yellow gold to white and rose gold, So Icy Jewelry offers an abundance of choices ranging from $68 to $43,830! Our creations are pure in terms of quality and can pass any industry-standard test, so that is the last thing you need to worry about.

With free shipping (within the United States) and a 14-day return policy, So Icy ensures that your online jewelry buying experience is as smooth as it gets. Explore our 10k gold rope chains and 14k gold rope chain designs now!

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