Gold chains are among the most popular type of jewelry. If you love beautiful jewelry, it is most likely you have a nice gold chain or more in your jewelry collection. Gold oozes timeless beauty, elegance, and class. This makes it the perfect metal for a neckpiece.


A sleek 14k gold chain accentuates your look by adding more sparkle to your outfit. Whatever length, thickness, or style you choose, this stunner will brighten up your outfit. However, the popularity of gold jewelry also presents a problem for shoppers. You have to learn everything you can about these chains to find a genuine, high-quality piece.

This guide explores 14k gold chains in detail, to help you make an informed choice.

What is a 14k Gold Chain?

When buying any type of gold jewelry, one of the main factors to consider is the quantity of gold that is put in the metal alloy used to form the chain. A karat is a measure of the purity of gold. If you want to figure out the quantity of pure gold in a gold chain, divide its karat by 24.

For instance, a 14k gold chain means there are 14 parts of gold and ten parts of other metals in the piece. A 10-karat chain, on the other hand, contains ten parts of gold, and 14 parts of another metal. The other metals mixed with gold include copper, zinc, silver, palladium, and nickel.

The higher the karat, the higher the quantity of pure gold in a piece. This makes it more valuable and also expensive. However, such an item is soft and prone to physical damage and weathering. A lower gold karat value indicates that the metal alloy has a higher amount of other metals to make it stronger. A higher karat value indicates the opposite, and means that the jewelry item is not as durable.

If you are shopping for a piece of jewelry that you can wear every day, a 14k gold chain is more suitable as compared to an 18k or 24k gold chain. The 14k gold chain is harder and will not wear quickly. If you want to invest in a costly gold chain, you do not want one that will wear out fast.

Your 14k gold piece will also be cheaper without any compromise on the appearance. While an 18k gold piece contains more gold content, you will hardly notice the difference between a 14k and an 18k gold chain unless you look very closely.

Impressive Range of 14k Gold Chains

If you are in the market for a good 14k gold chain, there are multiple link types from which to choose. The most common of these styles are:

  • Rope link chains

    This is one of the most beautiful chain designs. It features metal segments interconnected to resemble a real rope. It is a solid, durable chain that works well with a pendant. The twisting pattern gives 14k gold Rope chains a distinct lustrous and shiny look.

  • Box chains

    These chains feature interconnected square links that giving the chain a ‘boxy’ appearance. They are popular for women’s jewelry and work well with light pendants.

  • The Figaro chain

    A unique chain design that features flattened links in varying sizes. It is simple but fancy and an ideal gender-neutral chain.

  • Anchor chains

    This linking style borrows its design from the chain used for anchors at sea, and has a classic and stunning look. The oval links have a vertical bar in the center of each link. If you are looking for elegance and sophistication, this is the chain to buy.

  • Cuban gold chains

    Also referred to as the Miami Cuban, is a popular chain with hip hop musicians and rappers. The slightly flattened and close-set links make the chain ornate and chunky, giving them an imposing appearance. You can choose different thicknesses to suit your fashion taste. 14k gold Cuban chains are among the most popular pieces at most jewelry stores.

  • Snake chain

    This chain style features curvy and round gold metal links attached tightly to form a flexible, sleek chain. The smooth and shiny texture and twisting look give the chain its snake-like appearance. It is a delicate and elegant design that is preferred for women’s jewelry.

Other 14k gold chains linking styles include herringbone necklaces, Byzantine chains, Spiga/wheat chains, ball/bead chains, Singapore chains, cable chains, and others.

The chain style you choose depends on the look you want and your personality. For instance, outgoing jewelry lovers will go for bolder Cuban gold chains because they are head turners. You should also consider whether you want a chain for formal or casual wear.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Gold Chain

Now that you understand the types of chain styles that are available, here are other tips to help you find the perfect 14k gold chain:

  1. Authenticity

    Look for gold pieces that have a hallmark/gold stamp on them. These standard markings identify the karat weight of the jewelry and help you avoid buying a fake.

  2. Consider the type of gold chain construction

    You can buy a solid, hollow, or gold-plated chain. Solid gold chains are heavier and durable. Hollow gold chains, on the other hand, are tube-like and thus lightweight making them ideal for outdoor activities. Gold-plated chains are the cheapest. However, when the plating wears away you are left with an ugly base metal.

  3. Allergies

    Gold chains with high nickel content can cause allergic reactions. While low-karat gold is more durable, it contains more metals such as nickel in the alloy. Always confirm the purity of the gold piece you choose to buy before completing the purchase.

  4. Choose the best clasp

    Most people rush to buy beautiful chains but forget to inspect the clasp system. Choose a clasp that opens easily and is durable. The lobster clasp has a good reputation for durability. Cheaper clasps such as the ring clasp can break easily, leading to the loss of your gold chain.

  5. Chain length and thickness

    If you want to wear a pendant, choose a strong linking style and a thicker chain. When choosing a chain length, consider whether you want a casual or formal look. Longer chains are ideal for outdoors while shorter ones are best for formal looks.

  6. Finishing

    The best jewelry designers offer an array of finishes to gold chains. For instance, a diamond-cut finish adds texture to the chain. Such a surface reflects light more to give your chain a more lustrous appearance.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your outfit? You can never go wrong when you choose a beautiful gold chain. It is a simple accessory that brings your outfit to life. There is a versatile range of chain types, gold colors, and more, from which to choose. If you are after a chic, classy, and elegant look, a 14k gold chain is just what you need.

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