When it comes to jewelry, gold is at the apex of the most desired materials. It is the perfect statement of luxury, opulence, and class.  Celebrities and high-profile people will often sport a gold jewelry piece or two.


Do you often look at your favorite celebrity’s jewelry and wonder about the design? You should know the different types of necklace designs so that you can know which goes well with your outfit or personality. Here are some of the designs your favorite high-profile people wearing this year;

#1 Curb “Cuban” chain necklaces


This is an all-time favorite design.  The links are uniform and lay flat. This type of chain looks heavy and chunky, almost masculine. But there are thinner and smaller curb chains for women.  You can jazz up a 14k gold Cuban link chain with dog tags for a cooler look.

#2 Cable chain necklaces


This classic design is also known as a link chain necklace. This is perhaps the most popular design for men’s gold chains. The links are oval-shaped but their look can differ; textured, flat, or delicate. You can wear it as it is, or add a pendant.  This is a strong design that is also durable.  It is also easy to repair or replace damaged links.

#3 Box chain necklaces


This is another classic design with square links.  It is a unisex chain, popular with people of all ages.  Men box chains have a wider look which gives a heavier look. This is also a strong chain, not easily broken. Damaged links can be replaced or repaired.  You can also easily vary the chain’s length to match your outfit

#4 Figaro chain necklaces


This design is a variation of the cable chain design. The design comes from Italy. The chain links are of different sizes with alternating patterns. The most common design alternates one long link then three short links.  The bulk of the chain varies, with bulkier chains worn by the younger crowd of the athletes and hip-hop artists.

Figaro gold chains are also unisex, popular with men and women of all ages. This design is strong and durable because the chain is made from thick gold wire. It is not easy to repair because links can’t be removed without replacements. Doing so will jumble up the pattern.

#5 Singapore chain necklace

This is a fancy design that moves with smooth liquid flow. It is made of a series of interconnected segments instead of links. This design is more popular with men. It is notable for its strength in any width or thickness. You can wear this chain in its classic design or add a pendant to make it fancier.

#6 Snake chain necklace


This design is so-called because of its flexibility and liquid movement, that resembles a serpent in motion. It is made with a series of small rings connected tightly to make a smooth chain with a semi-rigid structure. This design is more masculine. This design does not get tangled easily in clothes.

Gold snake chains can also be seen as charm jewelry.  You can easily transform it into a charm necklace by adding pendant charms.  This design is easy to clean and maintain.

#7 Rope chain necklaces


This is a very beautiful design, popular with men.  The design is made by twisting metal segments and connecting them to resemble a twisting rope. The twisting design is very strong and textural. This masculine look makes it very popular with men with 14k gold rope chains the most popular.

You can wear this chain on its own or add a pendant. Both thick and thin rope chains are very beautiful and go well with any outfit, which makes them popular with athletes in casual wear. The strength of this design makes it less susceptible to breaking. However, it is not easily repairable.

How to pick a gold necklace

There is no one “best” gold chain. What you can do is pick a gold necklace that is superbly crafted. With gold, the higher the gold contents the better.

Most people go for 10k and 14k. This is because pure gold is very heavy and very malleable, which makes the chain easily scratched and damaged.  10k and 14k alloys retain the shine of gold but also make it stronger and harder to scratch. It also offers value for money. These are the top choices for the best chains for baseball.

The next best option is to go for a gold-plated necklace. You should also go for 14k gold plating because it is more durable, less likely to scratch and wear off. Gold plated necklaces are very affordable and you can get a very beautiful necklace if you know where to look.

How to maintain your gold necklace

Gold is the only metal that is resistant to rust and corrosion in its natural element.  This makes gold jewelry easy to maintain. However, it is very malleable, meaning it can be easily damaged, broken, and scratched. Simple cleaning is all that is needed to keep your gold necklace looking shiny and beautiful.

You can use lukewarm water and mild dishwashing detergent to clean your gold chain. Do not use harsh detergents because they fade the shine.  Here is how to do a quick clean;

  • Take a bowl of lukewarm water and add a few drops of dishwashing detergent.
  • Sold your gold chain the mixture for 10-15 minutes. This takes away the dirt and grime
  • Take the necklace from the bowl and clean using a brush with soft bristles.
  • Rinse the necklace using cold water
  • Pat the chain with a dry paper towel or blow dry it

You should take your gold necklace for polishing if it has lost its shine.

Which is your favorite gold jewelry this year? Be sure to look at the collection on So Icy Jewelry and pick something for yourself or a special person.

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