The best way to amplify an outfit or make it stand out has always been to accessorize with jewelry. However, it is always how we accessorize that makes the subtle yet impactful difference. Gold chains can be used to add an edge to your outfit is styled correctly.

This is mainly an area of interest for men. Should men wear gold chains? That is always a question that will spark a debate. However, gold chains can be a stylish accessory for both men and women, whether you are a style icon, rapper, or an average joe.

Gold accessories come in different types. Be it white gold chains, 14k gold chains, or 10K gold Miami Cuban link chains, it’s easy to always find one that suits your personality and sense of style. Here are some of the things you should put into account when looking to up your ensemble with a gold chain:

Know Your Gold!

When buying jewelry, we always go for what pleases the eye and soothes our style itch. However, when choosing gold chains, you should always make a point of knowing your gold in terms of color and karats to find what works for you.

Though most gold chains come in yellow, some also come in white, black, rose, and sometimes green. However, yellow and white are the most common colors when it comes to chains, particularly men’s necklaces.

If you are looking for some pop of color to your ensemble, then yellow gold is most preferable. To amp elegance in gray or navy-blue outfits, white gold chains do the trick. Men looking for an edgier and more masculine vibe should consider black gold chains.

Chain Length Matters

Gold chains come in a variety of lengths. Depending on what you are looking to create, you will find plenty of choices between 14-30 inches. Some people will want to play with different lengths when they are looking to layer multiple chains at once; rappers do this a lot.

However, for choker style necklaces, the length range should be between 14-18 inches. This length complements formal pieces like shirts, or relaxed items such as turtleneck, tees, sweater, or jackets. 20-24 inches is a good-length range for mid-length chains.

Mid-length chains are mostly unornamented and tend to fall around the neck’s base or the top of the sternum. They look great when worn outside a shirt, with an open shirt collar, or with a basic tee with V or crew neckline.

Gold chain necklaces with pendants and crosses should ideally fall between 22-24 inches to help elongate the neck as well as draw attention to the broad chest. You can add some edge to a basic T-shirt by laying your 22-inch and 24-inch chains together.

Length range between 25- 30 inches is best suited for those looking for punk or rocker style chains. These are best worn outside your shirt because they are meant to make a bold statement. They will also give you an edgier, hip-hop vibe best suited for night outs.

The Type of Gold Chains Matters

If you are looking to experiment with your personal style simply, we recommend starting with a classic gold chain. However, if you are looking to garner more attention, then you can always start with different designs.

The type of gold chain you opt for reflects highly on your sense of style as well as personality. Determine whether you are only looking to complement an outfit or use the chain as a statement piece of your overall ensemble.

Sleek chains like box chains, omega chains, herringbone chains, and snake chains are best for those looking to keep their necklace simple. They also serve as great conversation pieces.

Classic chains such as Curb or Cuban chains, Rolo chains, Singapore Chains, Figaro chains, Cable chains, and Marine chains are mostly worn with pendants. Textural chains like popcorn chains, bead chains, rope chains, and wheat chains can be worn with or without pendants. They can be used to add some dimension and texture to your overall look.

Chain Thickness Matters

The thickness of a gold chain tends to affect the durability of the chain. However, depending on the kind of statement you are looking to make with your outfit, then the width is something you should consider. You can choose between a 1mm – 21mm gold chain depending on what you want to create.

Choose chains between 1mm – 6mm if you want subtle chains or for formal occasions. You can use chains between 6mm – 10 mm to rock casual outfits. However, if you’re going to make a bold statement, anything between 12mm and 21mm will do the trick. Most hip-hop and rock artists wear chains within this range.

We recommend that you ensure that the width of the chain also proportionates the length of the length. The last thing you need is to accessorize with a choker length gold chain that’s too wide or a very long gold chain that is too thin.

Consider Wardrobe and Style

Choosing a gold chain design is all about your lifestyle and the things you gravitate towards. A simple chain necklace will work if you want signature jewelry to be worn with button-down shirts or casual tees.

Simple chains can also be worn to your 9-to-5 job without overpowering the look’s essence and still enhance your style a little. Some chains like Herringbone and Figaro tend to make a statement on their own but can still look good with a pendant.

Long thick gold chains can be tricky to pull off but are very ideal for outlandish styles. Chocker length chains, on the other hand, suit casual outfits like white tee worn with a leather or denim jacket.

Matching your gold accessories with your style is what gives you a more polished and cohesive look. Make a point of choosing gold chains that will be unique and personal to your style.

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