Gold chains are among the most sought-after jewelry.  And that’s because it is an exquisite piece and a fundamental acquisition in a man’s jewelry lineup that stands to represent style, wealth, and swag. So, if you are thinking about adding a gold chain to your collection of jewelry, then that’s a good choice.

There as so many types and styles of gold chains you can choose from. Some can be layered, tucked in, or fitted with a pendant. And with regards to the amount of gold (in karats) plated on a metal frame, we have the 10k and 14k. And that’s not all. When you decide to start shopping for Gold chains, you will notice a slew of options out there on the market with variations in shape, size, thickness, and length.

The 14k gold rope chains being one of the most popular pieces of jewelry, we shall start by getting to grips with some gold chain-related terminologies, the meaning of the karat, and the types of 14k gold chains available in the market.

Gold chain related terminologies

When you go shopping for a gold chain, one of the most important factors that define its price is the type of gold the chain is made from and it’s quality. The 10k gold chain, for instance, is less expensive than the 14k or 18k gold chain.

The 14-karat gold chain

A karat is a unit that indicates the number of gold parts contained in a piece of jewelry. A gold chain, in its manufacture, is paired with another metal that stands as the chain frame. That is because gold as a metal is too soft to withstand wear and tear, and that’s why it is plated with other metals to make it stronger.

The amount of pure gold contained in any gold chain can be expressed as a number. The 14k gold rope chains, for instance, imply that 58% of the chain is pure gold while the other 42% comprises other metals. As the k coefficient reduces, so does the amount of pure gold contained in the chain.

Common types of gold chains

Gold chains come in a variety of styles, namely: 

  • Cable chains – This is the simplest and oldest type of chain style. It comprises single links that are interconnected to form a chain that can be worn on the neck singly, or while holding a small medallion or pendant.
  • Curb chains – It is a more sophisticated cable form with links that can take different shapes, and its edges can be curved or beveled.
  • Italian Figaro chains – It is a different form of the curb with varied links and represents a decent design than the traditional ones.
  • Rope gold chains – From its name, a gold rope chain has links laid out in a rope-style pattern. The links are interconnected to form a robust and strong rope – that many prefer as the best choice for holding medallions and pendants.

14k gold rope chains

If you are looking to add a new piece of jewelry to your collection, then a 14k gold yellow rope chain, a rose gold rope chain or a white rose gold chain would be a perfect starting point for you. And when choosing a 14k gold rope chain, you have to consider how you would like to wear it. Gold rope chains come in two versions; the heavy and the delicate one. But in terms of their structure, rope chains consist of small interconnected links that wrap in twisted patterns to resemble a rope.

What to consider when shopping for a 14k gold rope chain

If it is your first time shopping for a gold chain, you will be better off knowing some of the common aspects to consider. That said, here are the most important features to bear in mind when selecting a 14k gold rope chain.

  • Chain length
  • Chain strength
  • Solid chain vs hollow chain

Types of 14k gold rope chains available

There are many different 14k gold rope chains sold on Soicyjewelry. And it would help to know the difference between the various styles and links available. From Figaro and Cuban links to rope chains, here is an explanation of each style and its features:

● The Cuban link chains

Also called the Miami Cuban link chain, it is a cable chain that comprises oval-shaped links that are interconnected to form a rope-like pattern.

● The Franco chains

The Franco chains have tightly linked patterns that are ideal for someone looking to showcase some solid yellow or 14k white gold rope chains. Their super tight design is ideal if you want to attach a pendant.

● The rope chains

The rope chains rose to fame in the ’80s thanks to hip-hop. These chunky ropes can also be made slim to have a retro-style appearance. The rope chain features twisted rope looks with interlinked oval-shaped links.

● The curb chains

These are mainly variations of the Cuban link chain except for the oval links. The curb rope chains feature square links that add a unique sparkle and dimension.

● The mariner chains

This style of 14k gold rope chain features an endless oval link that is broken up by a central bar. They have a unique design that resembles the heavy-duty chain used by mariners to anchor their vessels ashore.

● The Figaro chains

The Figaro chains consist of bold but fewer circular or oval-shaped links that are interconnected to form a strong and elongated-looking chain. It is ideal for those looking to add a statement look with a pendant. More often than not, the Figaro chains can be worn alone as they feature three big circular links and one major elongated link.

The bottom line

The 14k gold rope chain is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. If you are looking to add a signature look to your appearance, then what better way than shop for a gold chain necklace. Gold chains are among the most sought-after jewelry because they are exquisite pieces and fundamental acquisition in a man’s jewelry lineup that stands to represent style, wealth, and swag.

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