There are many different types of white linen outfits for men and women, and countless ways to accessorize them for that sexy look. Let’s have a look at the different accessories to use on your next ensemble.

1. Shoes

Apart from diamonds, shoes are a girl’s other best friend. There are many types of shoes that perfectly accessorize white linen outfits, whether during the day or for a night out. Let’s see some of them below to help you decide on your next shopping spree:

  • Cowboy Boots: Bold! I know, but these shoes are going to make a statement when your pair them up with a killer white linen dress.
  • Coloured Sandals: Strappy sandals with bold colors go perfectly with that white dress. You could go for pink or even yellow just to spice things up on your next lunch date.
  • Sneakers: So comfortable, so practical yet so stylish. A white linen dress or pants can be good for the dressed-down
  • Plastic Shoes: Ladies can accessorize their linen outfits with plastic translucent shoes which gives them (the shoes) the look of being invisible. This puts more focus on the outfit. They are also quite affordable, which is a bonus.
  • Heels: This is the go-to classy look for ladies. You can choose black heels that will make your feet look distinct. This is a great look for nighttime Bold-colored stilettos like pink or red will stand out well against the white outfit. Colors that match your skin tone will also exude the nude shoe look.
  • Dressy Flats: Dressy flat shoes will give your white outfit a classy look. Bright colors will accentuate the outfit. You could also go for metallic flats with closed toes or gladiator sandals. To go for a casual look the simpler, the better.

2. Bags

Black bags will go well with a white outfit. Shoulder bags complement the casual look. A tote-style handbag made of canvas is chic. Brown bags or bags that blend with nature also compliment the white outfit.

If you would like an evening look, go for a leather bag that is either moderately or large-sized. You can also choose a small clutch bag for either a formal event or a night out.

3. Jewelry

An advantage of white linen is that it is complemented by most types of colored jewelry. Gold chains in 14k such as 14k gold rope chains or white gold rope chains are appropriate to wear below your neckline. These gold rope chains compliment stylish white linen evening wear well.

They are elegantly crafted, have a classic traditional design, and are ideal to wear on special occasions. They are conspicuous due to the backdrop of the simple white outfit.

4. Belts

You can choose a variety of belts to break the monotony of a white linen outfit like the ones below:

  • Tan Belt: Tan belts are neutral, but when paired up with a white outfit it brings out a leisurely appearance. You can strap on a belt to your pants and a white linen t-shirt on top, or when wearing a loose-fitting blouse, you can strap the belt onto the blouse to make it look more structured.

You can also wear a skinny belt with a well-fitting white dress.

  • Bright Coloured Belt: Bold colors will break the monotony of white outfits. Bright red or green will stand out against a white dress, creating an exciting illusion that is different from tan.
  • Metallic Belt: This will create a more retro look to your white outfit. It certainly helps break up the monotony. You can also mix different colored metallic belts to create a more interesting look, against the white background.

5. Jacket or Sweater

Wearing a black leather jacket over a white t-shirt or dress gives a rugged look while wearing a sweater gives a softer and more civil appearance. Both options are still great accessories, with the added benefit of keeping warm on those cooler nights. Black and white is a classic matchup that you can never go wrong with.

When wearing the leather jacket, you can choose one with the sleeves folded to give you the stylish yet rugged look, or long sleeves.

6. Blazers

Ladies can choose to go with colorful blazers over white linen outfits. One can go with fuchsia or pastel, or a more earthy tone, depending on the occasion or mood. You will not go wrong with either look. You can then throw on a white gold rope chain to complete the look.

7. Denim

If one decides to go for casual wear, denim over white is a classic way to go. You can choose a denim sleeveless jacket over a white t-shirt, or a full-sleeved denim jacket with a white t-shirt and jeans.

8. Scarves

You can throw on a light scarf over your white outfit to break the monotony. The scarf should be a bold color to make it stand out. You can choose different patterns such as animal print to add more flair.

9. Sunglasses

White linen outfits are perfect for summer weather. What better way is there to top off a summer outfit than with sunglasses? You could choose large black shades or a smaller shape and size to top off your summer look. There are a variety of colors that compliment white so maybe go for bold colors if the black shades do not do it for you.

10. Hats

Another great summer accessory to compliment your white outfit is the hat, with various types to choose from below:

  • Bucket Hats: Great for warm weather on top of being stylish. Just make sure they’re made of light material.
  • Straw Sun Hat: Very appealing to look at, and are definitely ideal for the summer given the fact that they are made of straw. You can don them to complete your white dress or white top and pants.
  • Baseball cap: This goes without saying, the baseball cap, white t-shirt, and jeans are an all-time classic that will probably never go out of fashion.

In conclusion, white linen is great for warm weather, and you can almost certainly never go wrong with white because it gives you such a wide range of colors you can accessorize with.

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