Men’s necklaces and pendants have been around for a long time, and their popularity isn’t letting up. As a man, a necklace, chain, or pendant is one thing that will complete your outfit effortlessly.

Depending on how you wear your necklace or pendant, you’re bound to be remembered that way. You could be seen as a gentleman by some, or you could easily get a street credit. Picking the right necklace for any man is not an easy task.

This is because there are numerous options to choose from. It might come as a surprise, but not all the best men’s necklaces have a high price tag. As a man, it’s important to get the ideal chain, necklace, or pendant that will bring out your real style.

For this reason, it’s important to have the necessary information and tips on how to land the best necklace possible.

Here is a breakdown of some of the best necklaces for men that will suit your style perfectly;

1. Rope chain necklaces

Regardless of your preferred brand, rope chain necklaces are some of the most popular men’s necklaces you can find. They come in different sizes depending on your preference. The best thing about these rope chains is that they are suitable for both casual and official wear.

Although they might be a bit more common among rappers, it’s not unusual to spot a business person wearing one. Rope chain necklaces often consist of small links that give the pattern of a rope.

Whether you want to go for the 10K or 14K gold rope chains, they deliver a classy feel rare, among necklaces.

2. Sterling silver dog tag pendants

They might not be as trendy as the rope chains, but they are one of the coolest necklaces a man can own. These necklaces are common among the military, but they always find a way to the streets.

These dog tags come with two pendants, which bare writings usually relatable to the person wearing. These dog tags come majorly in silver, and the pendants’ sizes might vary from one necklace to another.

In recent years the silver dog tag pendants have become very popular among street boys and collegians.

3. Curb chain necklaces

These chains necklaces are popular among many middle-aged men. This is because they have the simplicity and style that any decent chain should have. A curb chain necklace is one of the basic necklaces you can own as a man.

The chain consists of identical links that lay flat even when they interlock. Like the 14K gold rope chains, the curb chain necklaces are fit for any occasion, more so thin ones. However, if you’re going for a more flash look, you might want to pick a thicker curb chain necklace.

4. Box chain necklaces

If you’re looking for durability, this is the ideal necklace for you. These chains have square links that give them a very unique and sophisticated look. Box chain necklaces are almost fit for any occasion and come in two main colors; gold and black.

5. Wheat chain necklaces

For those looking to fit a 14k gold Jesus pendant, this is the ideal necklace for you. Although on most occasions, it appears better without a pendant, fitting one could personalize the chain even more.

People call them wheat chain necklaces because their links are perfectly linked to resemble a wheat stalk.

It’s important to note that wheat chain necklaces are not as common as other chains. Therefore make a perfect fit for anyone who wants to get a necklace that not everyone is wearing.

6. Rolo chain necklaces

These chain necklaces are very popular among most men because they are very thin and simple. If you’re looking for a chain you can wear every day; this might not be the best option for you because these necklaces are very delicate.

However, if you’re looking to stand out, this necklace won’t fail you. It’s as simple as it is classy. A Rolo chain has a design that can accommodate a14k gold Jesus pendant. Rolo chain necklaces are mostly available in black or silver color.

7. Designer chain necklaces

Designer chain necklaces are the ideal necklaces for any man looking for something more than a basic chain. While most chains you might have worn before are classic and durable, designer chain necklaces bring something unique to the table.

If you’re looking to add a particular color or links to your chain, you can always opt for a designer necklace. With a designer chain necklace, it’s rare to find a particular design similar to the next one.

8. Leather chain necklaces

These necklaces come in leather cords which are either braided or smooth single coded. The leather cords are held using a metal clasp, either be silver or gold, depending on your preference.

These necklaces are very popular among people who do not want to carry heavy chains around their necks. Also, some of these leather chain necklaces appear more stylish when fitted with a pendant.

9. Beaded necklaces

These necklaces are very popular among hippies and surfers and come in different beads. Some of the beads are from puka shells, stones, or even wood. Of course, if you’d like to take things a notch higher, you can always include precious stones.

Depending on the type of beads used, these necklaces are relatively affordable compared to others in this list.

10. Figaro chain necklaces

These chain necklaces might have picked during the 1960s in Italy, but they are in demand today. They look a bit similar to the curb chains, but their links are wider and oval.

These chains are usually worn without a pendant and are common among men with high standards. This is because the necklaces are both classy and simple. Figaro chain necklaces come in gold and silver.


Regardless of your sense of style, there is always a perfect necklace for any man. All you need to do is discover your taste, and you’ll find the perfect one for you.

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