Seasons may come and go but moments do not come back. So this summer, make your everyday special. Wear jewelry that gets everybody to take a seat up and notice. Make a trend and stay ahead of everybody. Be on the top of the fashion curve and break all conventions. Wear jewelry to carve a distinct segment within the minds of people.

For most men, jewelry can be confusing and it’s quite easy to understand why. The expression of man’s jewelry has an unattractive stigma attached to it for many years. But today this is not the case. Men’s jewelry can seriously amp up the persona of one’s style as long as you wear it correctly. Go for the versatile pieces that give an attractive touch to your everyday look.

So are you ready for the brand-new pieces of jewelry trends to work into your wardrobe? Following are some seven trends for men this summer that are hard to miss. Welcome the warm weather with a bang with these summer essentials. Here we have some of the newest, hottest designer pieces to keep you up with the latest jewelry trends. So don’t miss these new styles which will keep you on the top of your fashion game.

Pack up your winter clothes and update your jewelry boxes with the following summer’s must-have items.

1. 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Bracelets

Gold diamond bracelets are trending. This 10k solid yellow gold diamond bracelet is reversible. You can wear it in 2 different styles as it has a diamond and gold side. The bracelet metal comes under yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold weights 2.02CT. Stack some rings on your fingers and complete the look with this gold diamond bracelet, the more unique, the better it will be.


If you are a jewelry lover that features little treasure then nothing takes the top like a versatile diamond gold bracelet. It is definitely an ideal choice. Whether you are in a suit or tank, you can never go wrong with this jewelry piece. It will give a simple touch and will add the right amount of edge to any simple outfit.

2. 14k Gold Rope Chain Necklace

Minimalism is holding a top spot in the men’s jewelry niche. So keep it simple and classic with this 14k gold rope chain. A gold chain that’s thin and short will look effortlessly cool when you pair it with a simple t-shirt. This trend is as minimal and as good as it gets. Therefore if you want a surfer’s lifestyle and want to live at the seaside or sporting bohemian-inspired ensembles the whole day, then this minimalistic 14k gold chope chain is definitely one of the hottest trends to try out this summer.


Try out this 14k yellow gold skinny smooth hollow rope chain. The flawless design of the piece will add tons of charm to whosoever will wear it. So buying a design like this will make all your favorite outfits seem dearer. The piece weighs 2.40 grams and is 16-26 inches in length. Make sure to check our other designs in 14k gold rope chains here.

3. 14k Gold Rosary Chain

This will be the summer of stacking. Classic rosary chains feature a strand of beads having a virgin mary medallion in the center and have a crucifix cross on the end. Hence show your spiritual side with this beautiful 14k gold rosary chain. The length of the chain is 26 inches and has a 3-inch bottom extension with the cross. Whether you wear it as a fashion or devotional necklace, it will make a statement with your casual or formal apparel.


Made from extremely polished 14k yellow gold weighs 5.90 grams.

So if you’re looking for something exclusive you are at the right place. So, find your favorite jewelry piece at Spicy and wear it as soon as possible.

4. The Gold Only Rings

Summer fashion is all about looking cool, cooler, and coolest. Jewelry such as this 10k yellow gold small nugget ring is meant to generate winter vibes within the mind and body even in the middle of a hot summer afternoon! It’s all about the feeling which has to be great, wearing great and looking great. Nothing else matters!


Add this standout statement ring for a bohemian feel. This excellent and unique ring is a gorgeous stand-alone piece and is perfect for layering all metals. So get ready to express yourself and your style with this elegant ring.

5. The Techno Master Watch

Being on time looks stylish this summer. Watches in men’s jewelry are still trending. So it’s time to upgrade your jewelry collection with this timeless watch. You can pair it with a business suit or a smart casual blazer. This techno master watch will elevate any outfit while giving a whimsical with a contemporary twist.


We offer a lifetime in-house warranty for techno master watches. So for any further information contact us now.

6. 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Cut Sphere Earrings

This summer the metal which shines the brightest under the light of the sun is gold. So if you have your ear pierced, summer is the best time to try out some earring pieces. Wear this 14k yellow gold diamond cut earring and harness the plethora of the sun’s energies. Add dimension to your daily attire or refine your evening look with this yellow gold earring.


The product weighs 0.70 grams and is 6mm wide and tall. Do not forget to check our wide collection of men’s earrings here.

7. 10k Yellow Gold Diamond Key Pendant


This latest jewelry piece is the latest fad this summer and will remain so for several summers thereafter. So it’s not just right to miss this one. The design of this piece is a perfect synergy of bold symbolism and eccentric energy. So spice up your look with this upcoming hot season key pendant. Get going and start purchasing this key pendant that promises a lot of glorious days ahead. So add this piece of jewelry to your summer collection now at So Icy Jewelry.


Stay ahead of the fashion curve and wear these trendy men’s jewelry now. Buy them at  So Icy Jewelry, we offer tons of designs at affordable prices.

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