When you think of a Cuban link chain, your mind most probably goes to the chain you see on your favorite hip-hop artist’s neck. The chains not only make the individual look stylish but also wealthy. Let’s be honest, you are more likely to notice an individual with a Cuban link than one without.

Because of the chain’s versatility, they have become an everyday accessory. Depending on your preference, the chain can be made to be chunky or thin. You can differentiate the different types of link chains from the material that has been used to create them. Some of the materials used to form the Cuban link chain are:

1. Gold

Chains made from gold are the most famous types of chains. Solid gold is the best option if you plan on wearing your link chain more often.  You can also opt for a plated gold chain, but it will fade after some time. If you want something affordable and still stylish, go for a hollow gold chain. However, they can break easily and are nearly impossible to fix.

Based on the level of impurities in the gold, there are 14-karat and 10 karat gold chains. The 14-karat gold chain is of better quality. It is, however, soft and the most minimum of pressure can bend it easily.

The 14-karat gold chains are the most accepted in the market, and it is functional. It has 14 portions of gold, and the other six portions are other metals. The 14k gold Cuban chains are much stronger than the previous two forms of gold. It is also more potent. It is not only used to give ornaments a shiny effect but also to keep them strong. The 10-karat gold chain has 14 portions of impurities and the least content of gold.

These chains can easily be customized to the needs of an individual. Some of the most common link chains are the 14k gold Cuban chain and the 10k gold Miami Cuban link chain. While picking a gold chain, ensure you do a proper analysis of the market so that you do not get duped into buying something that is not legit.

2. Silver

Silver gives a shiny lure to the Cuban link chain. When it is in its most pure form, it cannot be converted to ornaments as it is too soft and malleable. This makes sterling silver the best option. Sterling silver is an alloy consisting of 93 percent pure silver and 7 percent copper. This increases its strengths and hardness.

Silver chains do not have harmful reactions to the skin and can be cleaned easily. Due to its cheapness, sterling silver is easily affordable to anyone who wants the chain. With a silver Cuban link chain, you are guaranteed to look fabulous whether it is on a special occasion or as an everyday look. However, Sterling silver needs to be plated to prevent it from tarnishing and oxidation.

3. Stainless Steel

Steel is a popular option when it comes to Cuban link chains. This is because it maintains its color throughout its lifestyle and it does not rust. The durability and strength of stainless steel are reflected in the chains made from the material. People who go for them can use them daily without having to worry about them fading or being able to scratch easily.

Chromium, the outer covering of steel, protects it from rust. The rigidity of stainless steel makes it hard to add stones to the link. This is the reason it is hard to find prong settings on stainless steel jewelry.

If you are allergic to nickel, steer clear of Cuban link chains made from stainless steel.

4. Brass

The yellow color of brass makes it difficult for people to distinguish it from gold. That, however, is the only similarity they possess. Brass is way cheaper than gold and even silver. Chains made from this material are mesmerizing and beautiful.

Brass can withstand harsh conditions. This makes the Cuban link chains that have been made from the material last for a long time. Cleaning the chain can be done at home as the material does not require heavy cleaning procedures.

A greenish coat, that is copper carbonate may appear where your skin makes contact with the chain. This is caused by oxidation. To prevent tarnishing and oxidation, brass needs to be plated with gold.

If you want people to think that your Cuban link chain is made from gold, go for brass as it can pass off as gold.

5. Copper

Copper is said to be the most durable metal. Cuban link chains cannot be formed from copper in its purest form as it is rigid. In a bid to decrease this rigidity, impurities are created in it by jewelers to mold it into designs. This can be zinc or tin.

Maintaining copper chain links is easy as they are resistant to rusting. However, a greenish color will develop due to oxidation. Apart from this, they can be worn for a very long time.

6. Nickel

It has a gold tinge and a shiny tone. Nickel is malleable, this makes it easy for jewelers to mold it into the desired shape without compromising on its durability and strength. It does not corrode and is thus mixed with other metals like karat gold.

Nickel is more affordable than sterling silver and this makes it more affordable. The main advantage of using it is that texture can be added to it to create depth and dimension in a particular piece.

Apart from the material, thickness is used to differentiate the types of 14k gold Cuban chains. Depending on your style, you can choose the type of Cuban link chain that you want. They never go out of style, they are statement pieces, and you can wear them in a style that appeals to you. If you were looking for reasons to get one, you have plenty of reasons.

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