More men are becoming bold when it comes to making a fashion statement. You can see with how many men are today comfortable wearing pieces of jewelry. And they also aren’t afraid to show them off when they accessorize with them.

But when it comes to over shirts, which are pretty popular today, which are the best jewelry to wear? Below are a few options that you can consider when you opt to overshirt. They don’t only look trendy by also can make for a brave fashion statement.

Cuban Chains

Neck chains are one of the favored fashion ideas most men embrace today, and Cuban chains are at the top of the list. You have an option of chains from silver chains to gold chains. When it comes to gold, 14k gold Cuban chains take the lead.

Here are a few options that go well with overshirts.

14k Yellow Gold Solid Cuban Chain 20-24 Inch

The first option to look at when going for gold Cuban chains is this gold solid Cuban chain. This is a yellow gold product and will likely go well with you if you like shiny accessories. It is around 20 -24 inches long and will stand out over any shirt.

8755_14k Yellow Gold Solid Cuban Chain 20-24 Inch 4.70mm

The chain is around 12.10 grams in weight, making it the right amount of weight to carry on your neck. As for pricing, in most stores, the length of the chain tends to decide the price of the chain.

14k Yellow Gold Solid Figaro Link Chain 22 Inch 4.50mm

Another option among the 14k gold Cuban chains is the Figaro link chain. If you aren’t looking for a vast chain, this is the way to go. You can wear this chain on almost all occasions.

9179_14k Yellow Gold Solid Figaro Link Chain 22 Inch 4.50mm

It is also distinct as it doesn’t follow a specific pattern all through. Being a yellow gold, it isn’t for you if you don’t like shiny accessories. The chain is about 12.8 grams which is pretty light for a chain.

With a width of 4.50mm, it can work well in an official setup. You can wear it to weekend fun spots and still have it on the weekdays.


With luxury chains, you need to have a pendant that matches the energy. Of the various options, you can go for, a 14k gold Jesus pendant can fit any chain. You don’t have to have a gold chain to couple it with this pendant.

The gold pendant can go well with any chain of choice. When you’re looking for a Jesus pendant to couple with your 14k gold Cuban chain, go for the 14k Yellow gold mini Jesus Tube cross pendant.

9957_14k Yellow Gold Small Hanging Jesus Tube Cross

Not only does this 14k gold Jesus pendant look classy, but it also serves as a religious symbol. The pendant is around 1.20 grams and approximately 0.60 inches wide. It won’t take away the attention from you, but it just about stands out.

This pendant retails at approximately $150, but you can get in on the cheap from So Icy Jewelry. There, you can get a deal for around $113.08 for the same pendant.

There are other 14k gold Jesus pendants available too. Some are pretty large, and you can only wear them in an informal setup. You will find these pendants paired with diamonds and silver.

One thing though that they have in common is they are all over shirt jewelry.

How to Wear Chain Over Shirt

You may be mistaken to assume that you can get over shirt with just any shirt and look good. That isn’t the case, though, as you need to consider how to pair carefully, or you may ruin the look. When you go for the gold chains, some shirts don’t work for you.

For example, gold doesn’t go well with dull colors. You can get an overshirt all through with your gold chain, but it won’t look good if the color doesn’t match the chain. You can go for a playful colored shirt in this scenario.

Round Neck T-shirts

One of the most common t-shirts today is the round neck t-shirt, and the shirt looks good with most jewelry. Here, you don’t have to worry about your pendant either, as it will look stylish over this shirt. Other accessories will also flourish with the round neck.


Of all shirts, one that requires attention to detail if you’ll have jewelry on is the V-neck t-shirt. The size of the chain will come to play here and if you’re even going to have a pendant on. Ideally, it would help if you didn’t have any chain to couple with this t-shirt.

You can, however, have bracelets on if it isn’t a long-sleeved t-shirt. When you want to have an over-shirt chain, you can pick a longer chain than the V. If you can, leave out the pendant for this look.


Suits aren’t all about the corporate world. They can be worn in a casual setting, too, and coupled with jewelry. When it comes to suits, they embody the over-shirt idea more than any other outfit. The chain here is lefty hanging on top of the top two unbuttoned slots on the shirt.

They also do well with pendants, and a 14k gold Jesus pendant can further enhance your look. When you suit up casually, you can also add other jewelry like bracelets and luxury watches. Silver or gold, they will all look good if they match the suits’ color.


All men over shirt today because there’s no need to wear jewelry and hide it under the shirt. Men are also becoming bod with their jewelry, and they want to show off the different sense of fashion. Not everything, though, goes with the look; there is specific jewelry that can. Here’s how to over the shirt and the jewelry that are best with over shirts.

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