When anyone talks about accessorizing, the first thing that comes to mind is women’s jewelry. Men are not known to accessorize a lot, and many want to maintain a macho image. But did you know that you can still appear macho while being trendy and fashionable?

Accessorizing is all about knowing how to wear your jewelry. There are so many jewelry items that men can explore in the accessory department, and 10K rope chains are at the top of the list. There are like entry-level accessories for men because they are simple, and they go with almost anything.

Once you get over the invisible barrier men have regarding the jewelry, you are on your way to being part of a new height of fashion.

10k yellow gold rope chains

For men, necklaces are one of the hardest pieces of jewelry to wear because it is right there visible to everyone. It is probably the first thing people notice. That is why we have come up with this guide to help you wear gold chains the right way. 

Defining your Style as a Man

Before you can rock 10K gold rope chains like a pro, you first have to define your style. Because personalities differ, what works for one man might not work for another. As you know, what you wear says a lot about you.

Something as small as a rope chain can determine how people you interact with will view you. You have to put some thought into your ensemble if you want to be recognized as a fashionable gent. Every piece of clothing you have on you should contribute to the image you want to be associated with.

Choosing a necklace for a man is tricky unless you do not plan on displaying it. It is not uncommon for people to wear necklaces that have sentimental value, only to keep them tucked away from the public’s eye. This is not the kind of necklace we will be discussing today.

To begin with, understand that the rules are different when it comes to gents. You cannot wear chunky rows of custom jewelry when going for an evening event. Women, on the other hand, would look stunning if they paired chunky jewelry with their evening gowns.

While for women, necklaces are usually the center-piece of their outfit; for men, your chain should complement your overall look. This means that wearing anything that feels overwhelming is a bad move.

Your necklace should be a little rough around the edges, and it should look natural. Make sure it feels like something you have been wearing for years. This does not mean that you should look for and buy second-hand jewelry pieces.

You can wear a brand new rope chain and still give the impression that you have owned it for years. You do not want to be noticed because of your chain, but rather you want to appear stylish. You want people to gravitate towards you without really knowing why.

This means that when you finally get around to wearing a chain, it should not seem like you are trying to wear something new, or something you are not used to. You should feel so comfortable in your skin that people get the impression that you have always been fashionable. 

Different Styles you can explore

Now that you have an idea of the basics, we can explore different styles that work for you. There is a number of ways you can wear 10K gold rope chains without appearing conspicuous. You want to go for masculine styles because it is easy to pull off.

Once you get the hang of it, you can then dive into more daring styles. Let us look at classic styles for men that will give you that edge you are looking for:

i) Dog Tags

This is probably the most common style among men, and women can also wear chains with tags this way. Remember, you do not have to be in the military to wear dog tags. All you need are specialized pendants that go with your 10K gold chains.

You can personalize your tags by adding text on them so that they look like actual military tags. You can add whatever information that works for you and wear them with a ball chain.

However, when you wear them, be ready to deal with people who think wearing dog tags is disrespectful to servicemen and women. Do not take it personally because people will always have an opinion on everything you do.

ii) Rope Chains

Rope chains are popular accessories because they can be styled in so many ways. You can choose to wear them as they are, or add a pendant to the chain. Either way, they are bound to work well with almost every attire you pair them with.

iii) Religious Emblems

You can wear religious emblems to show your strong religious beliefs. A personal display of belief can do well to reinforce your image. The Christian cross on a chain is by far the most popular and recognizable pendant. Yet, they are among the items people like to tuck under their shirts. If you choose to wear this pendant, make sure that the chain is not too long and that the ornament falls below your neckline. Since such pieces hold so much sentimental value, make sure it is not understated and simple. It should be a necklace you reveal only to people within your inner circle. 

Ideal Rope Lengths

gold chains for men vary in length depending on their purpose. You can have one as short as 14 inches and another as much as 30 inches long. Here are the categories you should look out for:

● 14 to 18 inches

These are the shortest gold chains. They are popularly known as chokers. You should consider the width of your neck before choosing to buy a choker. You can decide to have it hanging a little or form-fitting based on your preference. Chokers should be visible above your clothes and be a little thick.

● 20 to 24 inches

This is the most common length that men prefer. It will fall between the first and second buttons of your shirt.

You can choose to wear these gold chains inside or outside your shirt. This length is ideal for dog tags, pendants and Christian crosses.

● 26 to 30 inches

These chains fall in the “bling-bling” category and are definitely meant to be worn outside your shirt. You can wear them as they are, or with large pendants to make a statement.


Like women, men too can accessorize by wearing chains, as long as they know what they are doing. Make sure you figure out the image you want to project before you begin your jewelry buying journey. Your chains should look natural on you because they may not necessarily be the center-piece of your ensemble, but rather it could work well as a complementary piece as well.

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