If you are a man who is into accessories, you should make sure that you go about accessorizing the right way. Jewelry on men always sparks a debate because not all people agree that gents should accessorize. This is especially true with gold chains because many people tend to feel that these chains are only worn by rappers or other entertainers.

However, 14k gold chains come in many styles and designs and there is a huge variety of chains from which to choose. Jewelry contributes a lot to a person’s image and what you wear determines how people view you.

Whether you prefer something loud or subtle, you are bound to find gold chains that suit your taste. If you are a newbie, this guide will help you wear every gold chain exceptional. 

The question about men and gold chains

Should men wear gold chains? Well, the short answer is that you should be able to do what you want. If you like gold chains, then no one should have the power to stop you from wearing them. Besides, many men already wear gold chains.

Men have been wearing gold chains for centuries now, so you do not have to worry about being the odd one out. In fact, accessorizing is part of many cultures across the globe. Even so, there are still many men who feel that accessorizing is not their cup of tea.

Gold chains tend to be more versatile than most other jewelry items for men. This makes them a suitable addition to your collection. You can use them to accent different types of looks, without being conspicuous.

14k gold cuban chains

If you have never worn a gold chain before, you will fit right in with the trend even if it feels strange at first. Over time, you will learn to wear your 14k gold Cuban chains with pride on a daily basis. 

How to wear gold chains

As mentioned earlier, when you decide to accessorize you have to do it right. If you are a newbie a good place to start is to think about the image you are trying to achieve. You cannot throw on any gold chain and expect to look fabulous.

i) Subtly

A simple piece of jewelry can speak volumes and may even give off the wrong vibe. That is why you should buy gold chains from a reputed jewelry shop. This way, you can seek advice from experienced jewelers on what would work with your personality.

ii) Be risky

How striking do you want the chain to be? Most men prefer to wear jewelry that is subtle. However, there are many who wish to be an exception to the rule. You do not have to wear conventional classic gold chains if you are more of a free spirit.

We will not deny that the classic style never goes out of style. However, it is always a good thing to take some risk; especially if you are sure it will work in your favor.

There are a number of outrageous 14k gold chains that are eye-catching and highly fashionable. This approach is ideal when you are looking for a jewelry item that serves as a centerpiece.

Note that not all men can pull off such extreme fashion statements. If it appears like you are trying too hard to impress, you may end up looking like a clown.

iii) Layering

Another excellent way to wear gold chains is by layering them with other neckpieces. You can do this to add texture, as well as movement. Make sure that the chains you layer are of varying lengths and widths.

When layering chains, you should work with two to five of them. Any more will seem like you are overburdening your neck. In fact, your neck will feel the weight because each chain will add its own weight to your neck.

Point to note: you should always consider the shape of your face when you buy chains for yourself. It would be such a waste to spend money on 14k gold Cuban chains only to realize they do not accentuate your face.

For instance, if you have a round face, your best bet is a long chain that forms a v-shape at the bottom. For a thinner face with pronounced cheekbones, you should go for chokers.

You should also consider the color of the gold chain. After all, yellow is not the only color of gold you can choose. Instead of the classic yellow, you can go for white or rose gold instead. 

Does the thickness of the chain matter?

Well, of course, the thickness of your gold chains matter. In fact, gold chains for men vary in thickness more than they do in length. You can find a gold chain as thick as 21mm or as thin as 1mm.

Typically, the width and length of a gold chain go hand in hand. Imagine how ridiculous it would look to wear a short chain that is 21mm thick. Crazy right?

The width is much more important than the length, especially when you wish to achieve a subtle look. Think about it in this way; a thick gold chain will be noticeable even if you tuck it under your shirt. Any chain thicker than 12mm is meant to be eye-catching, so make sure it is impressive.

However, if you want something for sentimental value, you should choose a chain that is from 1 to 6 mm thick. These ones should be tucked under your shirt and shown only to people you hold dear.

The middle range that is 6 to 10 mm can fulfill different purposes depending on their design. 

Caring for your gold chains

Since gold chains do not come cheap, you should take care of them so that they look like new for as long as possible. If you want your gold chains to last a lifetime, here is how you need to clean them:

  • Before you clean your chains, make sure you inspect them for damage.
  • Choose your cleaning solution based on the gemstones embedded in your chain. Certain cleaning solutions can easily damage materials like cubic zirconia and diamonds.
  • Always use warm water and a diluted cleaning solution to avoid corrosion. Always clean a small patch of your chains to test if the solution you are using reacts with the material of the chain.
  • Always soak a chain in the cleaning solution to dissolve any dirt. Rinse them off thoroughly afterward and dry them with a clean cloth.


Every fashionable gent should make gold chains a part of their jewelry collection. These chains come in different widths that allow you to achieve different looks. Ensure you care for your chains if you want them to last a lifetime.

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