Style goes beyond the great shoes, fitting suits, and haircuts. Most men pay less attention to little details that truly matter.

One of these details is jewelry, skincare, and grooming. Most men wrongly associate these things with women and think, considering them as threatening their masculinity. Not exactly. You can be the most dressed person in the room, but when you lack jewelry it doesn’t give a great impression about you.

Consider them as a necessary accompaniment to making you look stylish and complete.

Is jewelry really necessary?

No man wants to face scrutiny from women or being termed as too stingy and outdated. The desire to feel appreciated and to stand out is what drives good grooming

Basically, this means that you should look good and smell nice. It gives you more confidence and makes you more noticeable.

Jewelry starts with the watch. Is it classy? There are many trendy and unique diamond watches you can get to complement your style and wardrobe.

Be unique and incorporate other ideas like 14k gold Jesus pendants, diamond chains.

Consider investing in different styles of chains like 14 gold Cuban chains that men love like crosses or simple rope chains.

Alternatively, you can settle for rings or bracelets. Sample the best rings that match your preference for special occasions.

Bracelets have been a part of civilization for ages and are still stylish.  Accentuate your modern look by wearing freshly cut diamond rings. You can pre-order a customized diamond watch or ring to market your brand and showcase your fashion style.

Top 9 grooming tips and tricks for men

1. Maintain high hygiene

Cleanliness is non-negotiable. You don’t want to walk around in dirty clothes. Have a proper shower every day. Work pressures take a toll on the human body and make it release foul odors. Make sure you change your sheets and do your laundry.

2. Skincare

Healthy skin improves your appearance. It makes you feel great. Use quality skincare products that revitalize your skin. A healthy skin fends off germs and other skin irritants that affect your skin texture and may cause acne and other skin conditions.

Use skin cleaning products that contain healthy ingredients like olive oil and natural soaps that moisturize and hydrate your skin.

3. Great haircut

Who is your barber? A good haircut ensures your hair grows healthy and keeps you looking attractive. Schedule fortnight or monthly visits to get that beard trim, wet-shave, or haircut.

Well-trimmed hairs and well-shaved beards enhance your overall wellness by reducing the anxiety occasioned by shaggy hairs. Pick a haircut that works for you

4. Proper beard and hair care

Use shampoos daily to maintain healthy hair. It helps enhance your oily scalp and fine hair. Use good beard oil to nourish your beards and reduce itchiness.

Regularly comb your beards and hair. Trim them when necessary,

5. Wear deodorant

You need to smell nice to improve your self-confidence. Besides, regular showers, deodorants reduce sweat smell. Working out is great, but your swat can run a great time with your friends. Women hate foul-smelly men, so if you want them to stick around, you must up your game.

Deodorants eliminate foul smells given off by bacteria living on your armpit.  Pick suitable and healthy deodorants that don’t block skin pores or stain your shirt.

6. Bad breath

Bad breath is a turn-off and people will stay away from you. It affects your social interactions and you lose friends and female admirers. This shatters your image. Use mouthwashes to curb bad breath and regularly brush your teeth after meals.

The antibacterial mouthwash is great for rinsing the mouth and removes loose food stuck between your teeth. Avoid foods that cause bad breath like onions or garlic.

7. Get enough sleep

Sleep for at least four hours every night. This ensures you don’t wake up tired or with black circles on your eyes. Good sleep improves your skin health. Most importantly, it improves your mental and physical health, which is crucial to improved productivity.

Wash your face every morning and drink enough water daily to hydrate your skin. Sleep is important to your overall well-being.

8. Manscaping

Shave excess hair from your private parts and other body parts like legs, thighs, chest, etc. Manscaping ensures you don’t look like a gorilla. Women find hairy men unattractive and a turn-off.

Shave your chest hairs to avoid accumulating bacteria and dirt that cause bad smells.

9. Cut your nails

Use a file or clippers to trim those nails. Short nails prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria, which can interact with your food and make you sick. Besides, short nails make you look more admirable.

Well-cut nails make you look clean and improve your likability among secret admirers.

Where does jewelry come in during grooming?

Style and class are important. Jewelry improves your social image and personal brand.


Men love stylish bracelets that enhance their rich personal taste in fashion. A bracelet makes you look unique depending on the outfit you are wearing it with. Choose your wardrobe carefully with your bracelet in mind.

Necklace and pendant

This jewelry fits with almost any clothing. You can wear it with singlets, t-shirts, v-shirts, bare-chested, etc. Pick a personal taste that brings out your fashion desires. You can get 14k gold Cuban chains to go with your outfits.  They emphasize your overall look.


There are different types of rings like diamond rings, gold rings, and more. Pick a ring that suits your social standing knowing that it’s one of the most noticeable pieces of jewelry.

Rings can be worn with virtually every piece of clothing, whether casuals or suits.


Just like rings, watches are a fashion statement. Do you love a diamond watch? Pick a watch that agrees with your chosen wardrobe. Some men have watch collections, and they wear different watches depending on the occasion or outfit.

A watch is a stylish item and a necessity. Options and choices are endless and depend on your preference.


Grooming is not only about personal health but about looking good. Jewelry plays an important role in enhancing your appearance and making you look more attractive. Plus, wearing the right jewelry like 14k gold Jesus Cubans pendants boosts your self-worth and esteem. It’s time to invest in yourself and your personal image!

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