When you want to get out of the house, you may couple your dressing with some jewelry. You will likely face the problem here is that not all jewelry can blend in with what you wear. Though, some can blend in with almost anything that you wear.

Some of the jewelry that can style up what you wear are the same ones you see on display every day. While some of them may not match, others can work wonders for the overall look. Here are some jewelry and accessories to style with every kind of clothes you wear.


One idea that you can embrace when it comes to clothing is bracelets. Bracelets can work wonders when you are brave to have them on and show them off. Most people would prefer watches, especially men, but bracelets can work too.

You only need to have the right one at the right time – a wrong one can ruin your whole outfit. You can get bracelets for casual wear and others for officials too. Then, there are some which can work on both occasions – they don’t shout.

For ladies, there are several bracelets that you can rock, and most of them can work for both official and casual wear. If you have a leather one with a tribal print, you need to rock it for your casual day. When you go official, you can have a diamond bracelet on.


Neck chains come in different varieties and can work out well for the right outfit too. But if you are looking for something that can work, 14k gold rope chains can do it regardless of what you wear. Here, you have a variety that you rock for the office and still do for casual wear.

Not many men are brave enough to pull off the gold chains, though. But if you are looking to make a statement, you can decide on a white gold rope chain as this can be perfect for accessorizing. When you want to pull off that casual wear, a little jewelry can help you make it blend in.

Chains will do well, especially if you have them on your shirt. You will be able to show off your taste in gold chains and still make a fashion statement. You can have a 10k gold Rosary chain on top of your turtle-neck shirt when you are rocking a semi-official look.

You can also have the chain show as you unbutton the top three buttons on your shirt. Do this while you have your suit on for that Friday feel when you head to the club. It works well if you don’t want to rush home and get casual wear for the club.


The next great move that you can pull off if you want to make your outfit match with jewelry is earrings. Male or female, if you have earrings, you can make them work with most outfits. You need to pick the right pair, though, for the event.

For example, you need to be official when you are going to the office – either work or an interview. Here, for ladies especially, you need to have studs on to make for the best accessories. The other good thing about studs is you can rock them with just about anything.

The studs you choose from the variety of options you have can be diamond or any other idea you would prefer. When they are in a professional setup, you don’t want your earrings to take up all the attention. Studs may be preferred; you still need to be careful about the ones you pick.

For men, the ideal setup to rock your studs is when you are in your casual zone. Most official settings wouldn’t allow the idea of men wearing earrings to the office. And if they do, studs are the best idea for official wear.

Any other type of earring you can think of, you can only wear it in casual settings. And there are a wide array of earrings that you can choose from.


Rings are also a great way to accessorize whatever you want to put on. If you are going to an informal event, rings can make an even more bold statement than you would imagine. It can also be a good move for a formal setting – but not as much.

It all depends, though, on if you like the idea of a ring on your finger or not. They can, at times, be a bit tedious, especially if they are uncomfortable. There are different types of rings in the market, though, wedding rings among others.

With your wedding or engagement ring, you will want it to fit with anything. And most of the time, these rings tend to fit in with anything you wear. They can be worn for formal events and inform events, too, without looking out of place.

For casual events, you can then have all other ideas of rings in the market. Those who love to have all their fingers with rings can work for casual occasions. Since you can easily hide rings, you can have any that you want on.


Other than bracelets, watches too can make for great accessories for your hand. When you are choosing, you can match them with the chain you have on. When you rock a 14k gold Rosary chain, you need to ensure that the watch is up to those specs too.

You can’t have a high-value chain and have a watch that doesn’t match up. Another thing is that if the belt of the watch is a leather one, let it match with what you have on – color. If not, it will only seem off, and you won’t have the same fashion statement you wanted to pull off.


Regardless of your outfit, when you want to accessorize it, you need to be watchful of how you do it. Here are some of the jewelry that you can use to accessorize whatever you wish to pull off. You will still be sure to send the fashion statement you intend to send with either one of these accessories.

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