Jewelry for men has always been an icy subject, and when you wear them, you need to be watchful about how. Unlike women who can wear jewelry all the time, men have to pick their moments. The jewelry needs to match the dress code, too, to make a fashion statement.

Several unique men’s jewelry has come up over the years, and they are quite eye-catching. You need to know how to wear them, though; you don’t just creep up and wear the jewelry with anything. Here’s how you can wear gold pendants and make a bold fashion statement.

Rules to Follow

Specific rules apply for men when they want to wear gold pendants as part of their look for the day. If you don’t follow these rules, you may end up destroying the whole idea you had for the dress-up. Here are some of the crucial rules you need to follow up on

● Don’t over-wear

Regardless of gender, you need to wear enough for the day. When you see the term over-wear, it means that you have a little bit more extra than you should. And when you do that, your outfit, no matter how great it is, will look bad.

Only add a few remarkable things to what you wear – you only need to have one pendant per chain. If you have the 14k gold Jesus pendant, have that alone. Don’t try to overdo it by adding other ideas that will spoil the whole setup.

● Dress for the occasion

one mistake that people make is not knowing what to wear and when. This can be a total misshape when you want to have your 14k gold rope chains on. If you are going for an informal event, you can probably have these chains on and rock.

When you are in a proper setup, the whole concept becomes different, and you may appear as someone who isn’t serious. Pick the right moments where you can pull off your 14k gold Rosary chains – you can do them at a wedding.

● Select the right chain length

You aren’t an animal, so when you pick up a chain, you need to ensure it is the right length. With the right length, you can enhance your look to what you prefer. And you also need to ensure you have the right outfit depending on the chain length.

Short chains are the best idea as they can go well with almost anything that you have on. You can have them on with V-shape t-shirts, collar t-shirts, suits, and so on. Medium chains can work well with those wears as you can over-shirt them.

Note: When you want to accessorize with chains, you need to follow the above rules strictly. Chains are a bit of a sensitive subject for men. One wrong move and you won’t have the best look as you expected.

How to Wear Gold Pendants

Since the rules are clear, you have an idea of how you need to wear your gold pendants regardless of your outfit. For women, the concept of design is one that they have a wide array of options to choose from. Men, though, there are only a few options

To have that great look, especially when you want to wear gold pendants, here are the options to choose from

● Religious Symbol Pendants

The first idea that you can look at is the religious-themed pendants, and the common one has got to be the 14k gold Jesus pendant. This is a kind of pendant that you can rock any day of the week stress-free. It can help to show how rooted you are in your religion.

You can also have a cross pendant to signify the whole idea of your religious beliefs. The chain should belong to have the traditional symbolic aspect to it. You can wear this pendant when you are going to any family gathering or friend’s meet-up.

It also won’t seem out of place when you wear your religious symbol to a religious event. You can have it on your t-shirts, shirts, or any other excellent casual wear you have on.

● Pendant with Name Initials

You can also go for a pendant with your name initials engraved on it. You can also have the initials of a loved one on the pendant. This, however, isn’t one design that men favor as much as it seems a touch too feminine.

You can still rock it if you dare to show off the initials of a loved one. If you can rock it with kurtas, it will bring out a great fashion statement. And you can have the pendant on 14k gold rope chains as this will enhance the fashion statement.

You can go all-out creative with the initials; you don’t have to use the standard shapes. Also, don’t be too flashy about the whole idea of the names, as you only want to make a good fashion statement when you have it on.

● Dog Tag Pendant

Of all the pendants you can go for, one popular masculine choice is dog tags. This pendant can easily match with anything you can opt to wear. The other thing is that it won’t be out of place regardless of where you have it on.

You order any idea of custom-made tags if you don’t want to go with the overly common silver one. You can go for gold ones as they can look amazing on your t-shirts, suits, shirts and almost anything you wear.

Most men tend to engrave a message to these chains when they custom them. You can have any message you feel reflects what you want to put out. You can also have your name on the pendant as the military does.


Men have a few unique ideas entirely when it comes to fashion, one of the gold pendants. How you rock those gold pendants can be a bit of a challenge when you don’t know how to pull them off. Here are some creative ideas that you need to explore when you choose gold pendants.

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