Men’s gold chain necklaces are very popular today. Gold chain necklaces are not only trendy but are also very elegant and effortless to wear. While there are many types of necklaces available, gold chain necklaces are taking over the market with an endlessly wide variety.

So fellas, Do you want to revive your look with a stylish piece of jewelry? Then gold rope chains are a perfect option. The chain contains small links which form a spiral-like pattern and are twisted just like a rope. They are worn by a range of men, from rappers to businessmen to normal men. Gold rope chains are available in 10k gold rope chains and 14k gold rope chains.

Whether you are purchasing one for yourself or want to give one to the man of your life, this guide is your one-stop source to help you find the best gold necklaces for men.

1. 10k rose gold solid diamond cut rope chain

Here we have for you an awesome-looking 10k rose gold rope chain. It’s a diamond cut rope chain that is for sure an outstanding piece. This elegant piece is highly hypoallergenic and is free from toxic metals. We beautifully pack it in a black leatherette jewelry box.

9674_1_10k rose gold solid diamond cut rope chain_SoIcyJewelry


  • The metal color is rose gold which is the most affordable and durable gold.
  • The product weighs 61grams.
  • It is 5.50mm wide and 20-26 inches in length.
  • It has a strong spring lock that prevents the chain from falling off.

2. 10k yellow gold thick solid rope chain

We have made this classic chain with 10k yellow gold. A timeless classic, elegant yellow gold-toned rope chain like this is durable and looks perfect. The chain is prepared with pure yellow gold and offers a beautiful polished finish that gives you an astonishing look. This chain will complement any outfit effortlessly on every occasion.

7326_2_10k yellow gold thick solid rope chain_SoIcyJewelry


  • The chain weighs 193grams.
  • It is 8.70mm wide and 26-40 inches long.
  • The spiral look of the chains is super eye-catching.
  • The chain is hypoallergenic and it will not cause any allergy to the skin so you can comfortably wear them all the time.

3. 14k two-tone gold smooth cut figarope link chain

If you want something flashier, then this two tones gold smooth cut rope link chain is a great choice. A sure choice for all your occasions, this masterpiece will enhance your attire, no matter how you style yourself. The optimal ratio of oval and round links give it a harmonic combination.

6627_3_14k two-tone gold smooth cut figarope link chain_SoIcyJewelry


  • The metal color of the chain is white gold.
  • It is made up of 14k gold.
  • It weighs 18.50grams.
  • There are various length options to choose from. Available in 22,24,26 inches.
  • The width of the chain is 4mm.

4. 14k yellow gold solid diamond cut rope chain

Give a touch of elegance to your outfit with this 14k yellow gold chain. The chain is looking mesmerizing and exquisite, thanks to the blending links. The design is simple yet attractive enough to give you a royal look. Buying this piece will be perfect for men of all age groups as this will give them a masculine way of wearing it.

9176_4_14k yellow gold solid diamond cut rope chain_SoIcyJewelry


  • The weight of the chain is 26.10grams.
  • Comes in 20-30 inches in length.
  • The chain width is about 3.5mm.
  • Has a polished yellow gold finish.
  • The chain necklace is diamond cut to perfection and has a lobster claw clasp that makes the chain easy to wear.

5. 14k solid white gold diamond cut rope chain

Next on the list is a 14k solid white gold diamond cut rope chain. This type of chain is a superb option for those who want something more than just a simple basic chain. If you want your style to be different and unique, this 14k white gold rope chain is what you should go for.

9661_5_14k solid white gold diamond cut rope chain_SoIcyJewelry


  • It’s available in different lengths from 16-24 inches that is true to size and is elegantly designed to complement any attire with ease.
  • The metal color of the chain necklace is white gold that gives it a more attractive finish.
  • The chain is light weighted with 7.50grams and has a width of 2.50mm.

6. 14k yellow gold skinny hollow rope chain

So Icy Jewelry brings you this affordable hollow gold rope chain made up of 14k gold. It is a durable 14k gold rope chain that is designed to match the styling requirements of a man that wants a simple, but elegant accessory for any occasion. It’s one of the best skinny gold chains in our collection. Look stylish and voguish with this classic skinny hollow gold rope chain.

9192_6_14k yellow gold skinny hollow rope chain_SoIcyJewelry


  • Available in various lengths so you can wear it according to your desire.
  • The chain necklace is not gold-plated but is made up of pure yellow gold.
  • Because the weight is 2.40grams you can wear it all the time without any fear of scratching.
  • We give assurance for the exchanging of these chains with no questioning.

7. 14k yellow gold hollow smooth rope chain

Our beautiful designs of smooth gold rope chains are all set to make you the center of attention. We have made this chain with pure 14k yellow gold. The chain is secured with a lobster ring clasp.

9193_7_14k yellow gold hollow smooth rope chain_SoIcyJewelry


  • The wonderful design of the chain necklace will add sparkle and grace to every man’s personality and style.
  • Because of the ideal thickness, it will give you a sassy look.
  • The weight is 4.40grams and is 3mm wide.
  • This classy chain is scratch, corrosion, and rust-resistant.


Hence wearing chain necklaces is not only common in women but they are also an important part of fashion in men. So the above-mentioned list of gold chain necklaces is not only made of fine quality gold but also has a perfect length to give the men an attractive and eye-catching look.

So if you are looking for 10k gold rope chains and 14k gold rope chains, you must check our collection at affordable prices. Make your choices wisely and pick one which you will likely use often, and one which will give you value for money even after many years of purchasing.

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