Whether you want a gold or silver-tone, long or short, thick or thin chain necklace, the possibilities are endless. From the sophistication of sterling silver to the bold shine of gold, you can find chains to wear with any outfit and for any occasion. To choose the best necklace you need to explore a few options with different styles.

You can get all creative with plenty of ideas as you wish, but you may still need a few pointers on how. Below, you can get a few ideas on how to choose the right chain necklace.

Think of the Occasion

As with all jewelry, you need to think of the occasion when deciding which chain is right for you. If you’re going to a formal event, for instance, it’s probably best to stick with something thin and delicate. When you’re heading out for a night out and want your outfit to be complemented by some bling, then go ahead and opt for something bolder, 14k gold rope chains can work.

There are all kinds of chains available that can be worn with different pendants and charms—make sure these don’t clash with what you’ve got planned.

Consider your Personality

If you are looking into having pendants or charms for the chains, you may need to have some personality in it. Choosing the right necklace is to think about what you want it to reflect about you. You might be wondering why it matters, but just consider all of these scenarios:

  • You’re teaching a class on business ethics and need to look professional, so you wear a simple chain necklace with an elegant pendant that says “I’m ethical.”
  • When you are going out and want to rock a steady casual look, you can look into pairing that chain with a 14k gold Jesus pendant. You don’t need to be religious to have this pendant.

Consider your Body Type

The size and shape of your body frame will influence the chain necklace you wear. If you have a small frame, longer Gucci link chain necklaces will look better. The length accentuates the length of your body and adds some volume to it. A longer chain is also more suitable for those who want to hide their waistline as it can fall over it easily.

If you have a larger frame, shorter chain necklaces are best suited for you as they don’t add any unnecessary bulk to your body type. They work well with most outfits because they allow enough room for other accessories such as bracelets or rings while still complementing them nicely.

If you have a smaller frame, heavier chains are better suited than lighter ones because they balance out the lightness in weight distribution across your body. This may make one side appear larger than the other if not balanced properly.

Similarly, if you’re taller but smaller built then consider wearing something that takes advantage of both qualities rather than hiding one behind something else so nothing gets lost in translation when viewing from afar.

Consider How Long You’d Like it to Be

The length of a chain necklace is an important consideration. If you’re wearing it with a t-shirt, it should be long enough to fall just below your collarbone. If you’re wearing it with a dress, it should be long enough to sit at or above the bottom of your décolletage.

You want to ensure that the length is comfortable for you—you don’t want to have too much slack between the clasp and your neckline. It could get caught on something or tug uncomfortably against your throat. When in doubt about how long of a piece of jewelry works best for you, try out different lengths until one feels right.

Make Sure it will Last

If you want a durable necklace, you should check the materials, weight, and price. You also need to make sure it has a strong clasp and is made of durable material. You don’t want to get something that will force you to go back to the shop in a short time.

When buying a chain necklace, there are some things you can do to make sure it will last longer than the average piece of jewelry. The first thing you should do is take a close look at the quality of the chain itself. If it’s made out of cheap plastic or metal links that will break easily, then get rid of it right away.

It might seem obvious but sometimes you don’t stop and think about what you’re buying until after you’ve already bought it. Take your time here to look at what you are getting if you are to get quality material.

Have fun mixing and matching

There are plenty of ways that you can mix and match your chains with various other pieces you want to wear. For example, you can mix and match your chain necklace with other jewelry. Mix and match your chain necklace with your outfit.

Mix and match your chain necklace with your personality (or mood). All you want to ensure is that you stay with your theme and don’t break off and make your whole look appear jaded. If you are going for a casual look or a professional one, ensure your mix and match work well.

Different Styles to Bring A Unique Look that’s all Yours

There are many options for chain necklaces, you can play around with different styles and come up with a unique look that’s all your own. For example, you can wear a chain necklace with other jewelry like earrings or a bracelet. You could also wear it without any other jewelry at all, it depends on what look you’re going for.

When choosing the right chain necklace, think about how it will fit in with the rest of your outfit. If you’re wearing a plain tee or shirt, try pairing this simple piece of jewelry with another more elaborate accessory like stud earrings or hoop earrings. If you’re wearing a nice dress or formal outfit and want something simple yet elegant to accessorize, go for the classic black leather option.


With so many amazing chain necklace styles out there, you really can’t go wrong. Remember to keep the occasion in mind, think about your personality, body type, and how long you’d like it to be. Lastly, don’t forget whether it’s a simple gold or silver chain necklace or more intricate links of diamonds.

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