Have you ever wondered what are those large interlocking chains that are worn by famous rappers or hip-hop artists? It is impossible to miss this beautiful, stylish, and enchanting chain around their necks or hands. All the rappers and hip-hop artists own custom-made gold Cuban link chains, mainly 10k gold Cuban chains or 14k gold Cuban chains.

Well, these are called Cuban Link Chains that are worn as a necklace or bracelet. Both of them are extremely popular today. The Cuban link is an alluring, indispensable style of jewelry in the world of fashion. From various fashionistas to big hip-hoppers, Cuban link jewelry is a must-have. They are considered the investment pieces that are made to last for a long time. 

Wearing a Cuban link chain or bracelets not only shows the status of the person but also showcases one’s sense of style. There are a few reasons for their popularity which we will bring to light in this article. So let’s walk you through the extent of its popularity in the fashion industry. 

Firstly, Let’s understand what is called a Cuban Link Chain? 

What is the Cuban Link Chain?

A Cuban link is a type of chain that is mostly used in the world of jewelry. The chain features an interlocking oval or round shape ring which is intertwined together tightly in a sleek union pattern. The Cuban link chain tends to lay flat either on your neck or your wrist. 

These chains practiced the method of diamond-cut pattern and are linked by an oval or round-shaped gold piece to make a firm locking mechanism. It makes Cuban chains durable and gives robustness that people look for in accessories that can last for years.  

They have widely evolved to a great sophistication in the fashion world. Varies in size and is most popular, especially among men. They say: that the bigger the chain you wear the more masculine you will look. Well, this is not the end here, to deeply understand the popularity of Cuban link chains and bracelets let’s get started! 

Why are Cuban link chains & bracelets so popular?

There are various reasons why people are flaunting their Cuban gold chains & bracelets wherever they go.

The fashion industry of jewelry manufacturers is also growing at a fast pace by making creative designs to meet their customer’s expectations.

Following are some of the reasons for the popularity of Cuban link chains & bracelets:

1. Very good in quality

Taking into account the price of the chain, you can foresee 10k gold Cuban chains to be less expensive than 14k gold Cuban chains. The good news here is that even though you decide to stick to a budget while purchasing a men’s chain, you do not have to compromise on its quality. You will get a budget-friendly Cuban link chain of good quality. After all, the main thing is to look at the quality of craftsmanship. So you must consider quality over everything while you are buying a Cuban link chain.

2. Super versatile

You must have heard a lot about Cuban chain necklaces but now many people are using these in making anklets, rings, watches, and Cuban chain bracelets. 

So if you are bored of your plain old jewelry, try this new style and give life and luxury to your look with Cuban chains. 

Because of their versatility, people wear Cuban links in various styles. Men and especially hip hop stars used to wear Cuban chains for many years but now some people prefer them to wear in formal settings as well. It’s not just the men who wear Cuban chains but contemporary women artists and female rock stars also wear them. 

3. Durable and comfortable

Cuban link chains are tremendous not only because they are good in quality but also because they undergo a good craftsmanship process. Cuban link chains are now believed as the most secure and sleekest chains in the fashion jewelry industry. 

Its making of it has evolved in such a way that it satisfies its customer to its best. The interlocking chain patterns are made in such a way that they rest flat in a person’s body providing extreme comfort and flexibility. So among all the chains, you would prefer that chain in which you will not feel awkward when you wear it. 

4. Can choose any color

Who does not want to choose the color of their choice to match their style? The best thing about Cuban chains is that they are made in such a way that caters to the buyer’s preferred color. 

In the jewelry industry, yellow gold is the most preferred color but you can nowadays see a growing trend of white gold chains as well as it makes the wearer look very stylish and sophisticated. 

Also, there are many other varieties of options available from tri-color to other rainbow patterns, you just have to explore and choose the best one for you. 

Done and dusted!

So that’s a wrap!

Now you must have got an idea of why Cuban link chains and bracelets have gained popularity. If you are convinced then join this trend today and explore our online store where you will find a stunning range of chain styles and additional accessories including various types of rings and bracelets. 

We will look forward to seeing how you customize the Cuban chain for you and make this trend all about you. 

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